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What is on top of your bucket list?

It’s amazing what different people add to a bucket list: to have a dream job, to try joga, to have a song dedicated to you, to break a world record or simply to spend the entire day cuddling...Several weeks ago I found my own very old bucket list and surprisingly said "done" to myself while looking through some points...
And what about you? What's on top of your bucket list ...and do you have one?


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    R H 30+

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    May 27 2013: what is love anymore but a perfect pair of shoes, a barter of talents, a wish and a hope like a shell on a beach. what is freedom but the ability to purchase anything i wish, to vote for 1 of 3, or to leave. what is happiness but a movie, the bill after the baby, or another war is finally done. what is education anymore but employment in training, the broken mirror of contribution, the surrender of self for the carrot of significance, a life of STEM and duty, a victory to wield. what are we but a universe of dreams, a powerful generator, an infinite engine when combined with similar engines become exponential in force, a fusion generator yet too lonely and apart to accomplish such feats. I have only one wish: perfect human harmony.

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