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GAO Annual report on government waste.

A GAO list of Selected Federal Programs That Have Similar or Overlapping Objectives, Provide Similar Services, or Are Fragmented Across Government Missions. This is a 25 page report on how to trim the waste out of the federal government.

When possable the report states the amount budgeted for .... the majority of these programs did not have a budget amount provided and states NOT AVAILABLE. Why is the budget not available?

I found this under US GAO - Government Operations: List of Selected Federal ...

Now here is the big question ... the GAO has identified trillions of dollars being wasted .... why are these not the center of budget concerns and cuts?

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      May 27 2013: In your rush for yet another negative comment you forgot to read paragraph three the reference to my source.
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    May 27 2013: Voter apathy and ignorance