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Department of Energy

President Carter established the Department Of Energy on Aug 4 1977. " The impending crisis of energy shortages has brought about an unprecedented quick action by the Congress "

"The head of this Department will be a person working directly under the President, who can be identified for those who want to work together in our Nation to at least alleviate the consequences of inevitable shortages of oil and and gas and other energy supplies."

"I want to point out that the Department can now, I think, begin to deal in a much more aggressive and effective way not only with the needs of suppliers to increase the production of oil, gas, coal, solar, nuclear powers, but also to make sure that consumers of our country are treated fairly, that prices are adequate and not excessive."

All of these are quotes from the signing speech.

The DOE had (has) only one job ... to increase US production and to stop reliance on foreign supply.

Another failed government mission ... does it still have a purpose ... should it be abolished? The DOE budget is 27.2 billion for 2013 and our dependance on foreign oil increases.


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    May 27 2013: No question. I would even question whether the DOE has made us more dependent on foreign energy.

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