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Do you think nations ought to/need to rebrand occasionally? If so, how, how often and why?

With globalization and instant information accessibilty it is becoming increasingly difficult for nations to avoid engaging in global issues and the spotlight that comes with that. Do you think that, nations ought to rebrand occassionally? If so, why? How can they do it? How often? What effect, reverbarations can nation rebranding have to the culture, society, innovation, economic growth and standard of living of a country?


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    Apr 8 2011: Maybe nations should cease to exist altogether? (Imagine there's no countries)

    I mean: why identifying with just your local culture that is already mixed up with worldwide influences?
    I understand the tribal thoughts behind it
    And there are a lot of practical problems (mainly caused by people who are dependent on their country-construct)

    But evolving towards a world without borders but regional ways of working around an filling in some universal or regional moral heights... more liberty of movement, with built in buffers and such...
    while enriching the diversity
    It is not unthinkable, and not impossible...
    • Apr 14 2011: I like the specialness of nations. Maybe we could rebadge them as 'tribes' rather than disband altogether? An evolution instead of start again approach. I'm from the tribe called Australian in that case. My tribe did a good job rebranding the wine industry there to great effect (30% rise in sales). (Caveat - other factors as well but lots of Government initiatives to unite the clans internally).
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      Apr 14 2011: Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell issued a similar appeal to the world in 1955, asking people to put nationality and ethnicity aside and see themselves as "members of a biological spieces which has had a remarkable history, and whose disappearence none of us desire."

      Still waiting to see that day.
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      Apr 19 2011: Interesting, I wonder if the issue is that nation states are simply too fixed. If we had more flexible means of social advocation, collaberation and organization that played itself out on a global scale that the nation state would simply become less of a relevant as an institution.

      However Canada went through a period of re-branding with the adoption of the Maple Leaf and the Canadian Charter of Rights. I would say re brand when the current branding no longer serves the interests and reflects the realties/priorities of the nation.

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