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90% (or more) of what we learn in schools is NOT subject related

There is a tremendous focus on the quality of the subjects in schools, so children will learn more and thus education will improve. But I wonder if school isn't about learning maths or history, but maybe school is relevant to learn life skills. To learn how to develop your own way to look at the world and using skills that transcend school subjects. What do you think?

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  • Jun 1 2013: There are certainly some social skills and life skills learning taking place in schools but it could be a lot better if, like thinking itself, the focus was on the explicit development of those skills in an environment where failure was possible without major humiliation. Right Binkley? Dr. Edward deBono would like to see thinking and operacy taught. There are organizations such as The Church of Scientology that actually have life skills courses.
    I know that there are things I learned that did not come from formal education but from things like television news casts, documentaries, children's television shows, radio, personal reading, personal exploration, experimentation and experience.
    If a school does have a course on a life skill such as communication, I would prefer that it not be mandatory and that it be structured along the lines proposed by Dr. Roger Schank.

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