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A movie showing various daydreams from people all over the world.

A couple of weeks ago a project in Cologne has started in order to increase and support cultural integration with the help of arts. For our opening event we chose a motto that refers to all off us: The Future.
This is how I got thinking about what future for me as an individual and for our (world) society should look like. The question I asked myself was: What is my dream?
Trying to combine both subjects - future and cultures - I ended up with this idea:
Collecting dayderams from people around the world - they can be about anything. Any little excerpt representing the wishes and dreams from any individual.
This can be as simple as wishing for your favorite meal, but also very abstract.
Of course the intention of a movie like this is much more than just entertainment, it shall be piece of art, representing the way people think and live today.
Please let me know what you think about this. I am looking forward to any kind of feedback and maybe even some first ideas?!
Take care!

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    May 27 2013: I'm pretty sure this is almost what they expected, "twitter" to be... But then they morphed it into what it is now.

    Modeled after random cameras in random places snapping photos of random people doing random stuff by Andy Warhol.

    Seems like you could start an entire YouTube community doing this for next to nothing... google garrys mod to see what video game software for doing this might look like.

    And not to be more of a buzz kill, but look at PS3 "Little Big Planet" to see your idea used as one of the best video games I own... and use for home school curriculum (11yr old son) computer graphics.

    On the bright side, all of this could be used in your movie... Best of luck, and will be watching for it.

    Self taught artist.
  • May 27 2013: Isa, I love this idea.
    Daydreaming is so important, and I think the process of describing a daydream in this way, can make it real enough to possibly change into a goal!
    In another discussion, we talked about the importance of daydreaming, letting your mind wander. But your idea takes this a step further, but actually depicting abstract thoughts. I for one, would love to see the end result!
    I have a dream for the future, it has to do with music. But it's only one... I have so many! A tough decision would be, which daydream to choose...!

    edit: I'm reminded of Alex Day's talk "The future of Music", and his three golden rules:
    - make unrealistic goals
    - the world is bonkers
    - don't let that stop you
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      May 27 2013: so what is your dream for the future that has to do with music?

      I might say that I have mixed feelings about music. When I was a kid, I played a lot of loud music and noone in my family, or my neighbors, ever complained, although I imagine it might have been annoying. I really enjoyed the music. When I got older, I started playing music less because I wanted time to think. But my neighbors were often playing music, and I found it quite annoying, it made it difficult to think. I still love music, but I think about ways to enjoy it without bothering other people, it generally isn't too pleasant to listen on headphones.
      • May 28 2013: Hey Greg,
        did you read the strand Tify and I posted on the 'Integrating Music' conversation? We talk about this exact thing - finding the balance between music (sound) and silence. A world of music doesn't automatically mean a world of noise.

        My dream for the future? I think you know it!
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          May 28 2013: no, i'll check it. Is the dream that more people will sing their ideas rather than speak them? I do want to ask, L, why currently most people usually talk rather than sing, might this indicate that talking comes more naturally than singing? (The topic has come up on another conversation, a fellow has asked why some things "pop" on social media, or how you can make things pop more.)
      • May 28 2013: Greg, my dream has more to do with education than singing.
  • May 27 2013: Does ISA= Fellini? Are you meaning in a fun way? You got me thinking of Fellini's Saturacon.
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      May 27 2013: I am sorry, but I do not quite understand? Isabella Fellini is an author, but my name unfortunately does not refer to hers. The movie Satyricon by Frederic Fellini does not relate to my idea either. I hope that answers your questions, although I do not quite understand. (:
      • May 28 2013: What is a dream or a dreamy quality is all that had crossed my mind. People talk about dreams always and so did Frued and Jung.
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      May 27 2013: I am glad you like it! I think reaching people that feel the same as the artists is often one of the intentions of art. So do not worry if you don't understnad it.
      The idea of animating the dreams sounds good. I will look around for some more ways to do this.
      Thanks for your idea.
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    May 26 2013: Isa, I think this is a lovely idea, but I wonder whether it would be even more powerful and less costly to do something like Postsecret but with dreams rather than secrets.

    This may already exist, though.