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Taking care of your parents, or bringing up your children, how do you reconcile these two responsibilities?

Your parents were loving and nurturing,brought you up from an infant. Taking good care of your parents shows your love and gratitude.While your children are the future of your family,who are going to fulfill your dream.An excellent upbringing is the key to the quality of your children's lives. These two issues are both our responsibilities throughout our lives.


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  • May 29 2013: I dont think they have to be mutually exclusive.Moreover it's not our sole responsibility to take care of our offsprings,our parents can and as a matter of a fact they would love to help raise our children in a better way.Its them whose wisdom we soak and apply at every parts of our lives.We might find ourselves in a place where we might feel the need to prioritize but it will be again our parents whom we would turn into for help,suggestions.Hence concluding by saying long live 'our parents'.
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      May 29 2013: Thank you for your comment.You made a good point,grandparents' roles in raising our children become increasingly important. I don't think we have to chose one either. As long as we love them,long live 'our parents'.

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