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Do you train your body as much as your brain?

I'm really passionate about my job, but it's mostly a sedentary work and I can't make myself MOVE! What is the best way to go in for sport if you're lazy in terms of physical exercises? How to find the best motivation?


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  • May 26 2013: I think that you should try to find some time to exercise your body. Doing exercise is not easy as you have to be patient and constant. And I know how you feel because I was overweight a few years ago. So at some point I decided to do some exercise by myself because none of my friends liked the idea of getting up very early and start running around a park like a crazy man!!! My family played an important role during my training because they encouraged me to not give up. After 6 months or so I managed to lose about 15 kg!!! Now I feel very happy about that.
    I hope my story can help you a little bit about how important our physical appereance is! If you can't do much exericse because of your job schedule, then you should try to do little things such us going to work by bike or even walking around your city when you have some free time. Remember it's up to you if you want to change your life. Small things can be the differene between a good or a bad life. I wish you the best of luck .

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