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Do we need boundaries to be free?

Is real freedom about having no limitations? Or something else?
How do you think?

  • Jun 2 2013: with freedom comes responsibility.

    one cannot be completely free because then, someone else will have to suffer. for example, your freedom is a case of not wearing clothes in public and that you just want to display yourself. but then again, another person's freedom is to live in a place where everyone is decent and that he or she is living by the norm. person A is free but person B is not.

    freedom still has its limitations and you can always live outside these limitations in a responsible manner.

    take for example persons A and B above: person A can be naked but he or she must see to it that the people around him or her will not be violated. both persons are now free.

    it's a matter of considering everyone else's freedom.

    (gah, it's so hard to explain. but i guess i made myself clear, miss marina? :))
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    May 31 2013: Time is a Boundary. I wrote this today to a young person who hid away a bad experience. And I will be bold and write here too:

    My wife was once a young person like you. She was when I met her. And I suspect that you and she share many similar experiences. Even the bad experiences in some way. My wife was like you. My family is like yours. And my child just like you. You live in a beautiful country. You are surrounded by a very special nation. Please be who you are. Always. And believe. It is always who you are to believe.

    You are young. You are beautiful. And you are free. And because you are young, you have a future. Don't waste that gift. I am glad that you know about Pandora and her box. Keep that one closed. Put it away. But keep it safe. That is the story of Pandora and her box. But especially keep that box closed & safe & hidden away from everyone but yourself. And don't be like Pandora and open it. That was her mistake. You are the protector and guardian of that box. So be careful. But be alive. And be free. God gives you that blessing when you are young. And it goes away when you are old. You are strong today in ways that you do not understand; but you will when you are old. So think about that. It can be so hard to be strong, when you feel yourself getting old.

    So please keep yourself well and safe. Be smart, not stupid like so many others. One day when you are old, you will find that box again. And on the day you find it, you will learn something very important about how you have lived your life. For when you find that box again, you will find it open. And that will be a mystery, because you will know that you did not open it yourself. And if you have lived well, and have done all that I say, and all that you know you should -- there will be a treasure there inside that open box.

    You are young. You are beautiful. And you are free. Live well. And find that treasure some day. Remember what an old man tells you today. And be that treasure. Amen

    Be free
  • May 28 2013: I think freedom has to do with your choice. Everyone is free to choose anything they wish, even among harsh restrictions. You can choose to stand up to the man with a gun, for example. He can't really take away your freedom. You can however take away your ability to choose from yourself. Addiction to tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or pornography will rewire your brain until you physically cannot stop doing those things without outside help. We are not free to choose everything that happens to us, or the consequences of our actions. But we are always, always free to choose our reactions to those external circumstances. No one can take that away from us.
  • May 27 2013: Defining freedom as the right to do whatever you want without any limits is a mistake, that is the definition of debauchery not freedom. NO!... Freedom is not about having no limitations, freedom is all about making decisions without coercion or biased influence. The limits of freedom are your knowledge, your self-discipline and your responsibility. Freedom without knowledge is just a fantasy, so if your knowledge is limited then your freedom is also limited. Freedom without a self imposed discipline leads you sooner or latter but unavoidably to self-destruction, so your freedom is bounded by your self-discipline or by the absence of it. Freedom without responsibility is debauchery, so your freedom is also constrained by your own sense of responsibility, or by the consequences of the lack of it.
  • May 26 2013: This time I'm askin' for freedom
    Freedom from a world which you deny
    And you'll give it to me now
    Or I'll take it anyhow
    When the night comes fallin' from the sky

    Another Dylan quote. From the song "When the night comes falling from the sky"

    Great song. Youtube it!

    "Hey Mr. Tambourine Man" was the previous quote.

    Thanks for the thumbs up!
  • May 26 2013: But for the sky ... there are no fences facin'

    Bob Dylan said that
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    May 29 2013: What do you mean by boundaries and who is making the boundaries?
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    May 27 2013: Before I answer your question, I have one question you: Are you using boundaries to include or exclude? In between those boundaries we all will find our personal answer to your question.
  • May 26 2013: Check this out. Bruce Springsteen do Dylan's "Chimes of Freedom"

    Read along on the text.
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    May 26 2013: Oh, I know Bob Dylan)
    I thanked for quoting him, 'cause I really like his songs)
  • May 26 2013: Thanks Marina,

    Every English teacher needs to know Bob Dylan.
    He's the incarnation of the American modern English street poet.

    Google around on some of his lyrics. You'll love em!