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Proposing elderly communal housing; i.e. private residence with central/shared kitchen and living rooms with private bed and bathrooms.

For the elderly who don't want as "assisted care" fascility and don't have family, yet need some form of community life. Perhaps with a live-in assistant to help drive to Dr. appointments, hairdressers , marketing etc. and otherwise help. The elderly would basically help each other and remain social and somewhat independent. I hear it's the latest rage at colleges these days. Question: why are so few of these being built in the US? Money?

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  • Jun 15 2013: Speaking personally, although I agree that providing economic and cultural diversity are lofty goals, having little children included might not be practical nor wanted, except for visits by family at "guest house". If residents want generational diversity, they could volunteer at nearby schools, nurseries, hospitals etc. Bottom line is "fixed income' of the residents who can't afford the added expense of playgrounds, daycare etc. The diversity can be obtained racially, culturally and economically without the introduction and confusion of little ones running about. Economics has alot to do with these communities' viabilities. Just a thought.

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