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Proposing elderly communal housing; i.e. private residence with central/shared kitchen and living rooms with private bed and bathrooms.

For the elderly who don't want as "assisted care" fascility and don't have family, yet need some form of community life. Perhaps with a live-in assistant to help drive to Dr. appointments, hairdressers , marketing etc. and otherwise help. The elderly would basically help each other and remain social and somewhat independent. I hear it's the latest rage at colleges these days. Question: why are so few of these being built in the US? Money?

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  • Jun 12 2013: My findings/ summary based on this TED conversation and preliminary research: there is definitely a growing interest and need for alternative housing options for our growin older population. Most don't want our only option to be heartless institutions yet we find ourselves, for one reason or another, lacking the caring help of blood relatives. The co-housing movement began in Denmark and was imported to the US by Charles Durett, a West Coast architect. He has been instrumental in creating several such communities west of CO. and even as far away as the Aleutian Islands. I have therefore suggested to TED that he be a future speaker. Several similar concepts are being tried on the East Coast, the "village" concept in Boston and Washington, D.C. However in the Southeast, where I reside, implementing this concept seems hung up on the profitabilty for various developers/builders, and thereby lose much of the movements incentives. I.e. in NC, there are endless Governor's panels studying the feasibilty of such housing, where lots of suggestions are made but having no concrete results. I find that only a national lreader such as Mr. Durett can initiate East Coat development and perhaps employ government aid to get it done. Thanks all for your input!

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