Jumana Bitar

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Would you choose Architecture or Nutrition for more influence on the society?

My goal is to gather more knowledge on how both careers could influence society, to what extent, and how creative can each be.

  • Jun 9 2013: For me, architecture is much more interesting. Any talk of nutrition is an instant page turner.
    Having said that, nutrition is far more important.
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    May 27 2013: Nutrition because it is more fundamental to survival.
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      May 28 2013: But can you still get creative in nutrition as in architecture?
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        May 28 2013: I would think so, Jumana. There are many new recipes, and different cooking techniques. If you start reading about restaurants and what they serve, you will see interesting trends emerge, here in Los Angeles there has been a trend to put bacon in everything, even bacon ice cream.

        Also, you could get interested in where food comes from and how it is made, trace it all the way back to the farm. Who knows, you might start out a nutritionist, and end up a farmer!

        Technically, you could get interested in restaurant, or dining room, decor and design. Here you could combine nutrition and architecture!
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          May 28 2013: I could "get interested" in combining both but you see...the chance is very small. And the portion of architecture would be negligible in that case.
          Nevertheless, it sounds interesting. Can you please give me a detailed description of what a nutritionist does throughout their career?
          Im kinda going through a stage of major decision. So maybe the information you provide will help
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        May 29 2013: Well, I don't know how often architects design restaurants, you could ask around and find out.

        Nutrition probably has two main aspects. One kind of nutritionist works in a large institution, such as a hospital or prison, and designs the menu for the hundreds or thousands of people who eat there. The other kind of nutritionist works at a university and teaches and does research. For example, a research nutritionist might get the idea that eating more nuts would improve people's health, so they will design an experiment to test whether this is true.

        If you really want to know more, I would read about it or find a professional nutritionist and interview them about their job.

        Really, you can be creative in any profession. Even if you were just a janitor, or someone who picked up trash, you could try to be creative and think how you could do a better job. A janitor, for example, could think of better cleaning methods, or research different cleaning fluids. Someone who picks up trash could try to find out what the best kind of bag is to put trash in, and maybe even invent a new kind of bag. So really, it is more about what interests you. Do you find food more interesting, or do you find buildings more interesting?
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    May 26 2013: If I were you, I would do some research into what people do who train themselves in these fields. It may well differ dramatically by country, so it would be best to focus on where you plan to settle.

    For example, in the US the vast majority who train to work in architecture to not do the big design work, I think, on buildings but rather provide support for those who do, with the level of creativity dependent, perhaps, on the standard operating procedures for the firm.

    Nutrition is, of course, a really different field and depends on whether you are on the research end or working at a hospital or in private service. Here I think nutrition programs are found in schools of Public Health.