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Readymade Containerised Public schools for Africa. Solving the deplorable condition of african schools

Mud Schools. Still prevalent in South Africa and Africa
I have a suggestion to use Containerise Schools. Either using existing Shipping Containers and revamping them interior and exterior
Or a brand new and unique readymade containerise building, that should be constructed to cater for children in impoverished areas.
Education should not be a degraded art form but an uplifting one.
We are Our future, and our future is now and we have to make the world better place for the next generation.
If we can see problems and if we are creative enough to provide solution, its our duty to correct it.
My Suggestion is that one kind of set standard classroom constructed and shipped all over the Country,
We would have a uniform building construction and subject specific classroom for our education system.
Accommodating 20 to 30 learners in a 6 metre container with fixed chairs with slide function. With modern technology like Air conditioning and Single Smart Flat screen Projection in each container.
Cost around $2000 to $4000 per completed Classroom depending.
Communities programs can get involved in funding and Sponsoring a Classroom for a Private School..
With escalator or elevator for the Four to Five multi level Building.
Using Creativity and Ingenuity
All Classroom with interconnectivity running on my unique invention Renewable Energy Solar Wind generator as Electric power source.
Each classroom with ablution area and so more
This is not just the Classroom of the Future but the Classroom for the World now
These classrooms can be shipped world wide.
I would propose that this initiative must be run by Governments or NGO not by the private sector. Setting standards and maintain them and not cutting cost
This will create job opportunity across provinces.
This will result in a more productive country.
We need to educate the masses but we need to do it with dignity and respect.
This is my Idea, I had two yrs ago
But I would love to see it, I would love to collaborate

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    Jun 14 2013: Great Idea!
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    Jun 14 2013: I would love to collaborate on this idea as well (if there ever may or will be the ability to do so).

    In addition to ready-made or transportable schools, classrooms and/or a learning facility, I suggest an additional method of mobility.


    Same idea, a boat, but instead, a school on the lake (multiple of course) - different hours of the day, teaching different areas // some developed schedule by day or hour.

    Maybe after a long enough time, classrooms in the middle of the oceans to explore our planet!

    - Liked your collective thoughts a lot, now add a boat to your proposal :-P
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      Jun 14 2013: Nickolas that Idea is awesome.
      But I was going more for functional and realistic. Not all of Africa's impoverished and illiterate is / are situate near water. or coastal regions. My Conversation is based on the current deplorable state of school in South Africa and 3rd world countries.
      My Idea does not just stop at schools. But mobile Renewable fully functional containerised hospital units that is permanent but mobile..
      My idea stems from next generation self generating electrical Vehicle another one of my idea's on TED. Mobile hospitals with my Next generation renewable propulsion system
      This is not the only Conversation TED highlighted. but accepted
      I had containerised Farming a brand new way of Sustainable Farming. Underwater seas cities ( my question was we are more fixated on Space but destroying the very ocean that is our sustenance and our nebulizer.
      On TED you will see my dream and goal to create a city from my innovations and inventions collaborating an all working in conjunctions to create My hydrosaline cities recycle megawatt city.
      That is my ambition to provide sustainability through the diversity of my comprehensive solutions.
      I tackled each and every problem individually but embraced its functionality curin our dilemma.
      My Larger idea sprouting into Interstellar travel that can be achieve fossil fuel free.
      The problem is I have to create it and prove it. Because I can see it, feel it, that why I want to create it.
      I have now completed my first device that would change our paradigm. This device will reduce fossil fuel emissions from Vehicles and various other industry.
      I only need to patent it but I cannot due to finance. That is now my only hinderance. This device will give me the recognition I need to complete my 100 inventions (I call it solutions) to the world.
      I understand the world differently because I am not trapped in the box.
      I see what is possible and aspire to it. I yearn to create it!!
      Thanks Nikolas for the comment. Bless yo
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    May 27 2013: What about teaching better mud building..?

    We just had monster storms rip through an area leaving a really deplorable mess.

    You have to wonder what the same area would have looked like if it was never taken from the people that lived there first... Some would question if the monster storms would even be in these places at all.

    But we have to be bigger and bigger, to have more and more, so we can be tricked into fighting so nobody takes our stuff.

    How much funding would be freed up by just knowing what you even want..? No more trillions spent on advertising... we all pay for... with how much time taken from our lives just for that one thing..?

    What would happen if you just put down a solar train track and let people decide if they want to live in the mud... might even have electric lights as well..?
  • May 26 2013: Hi Mr. Mallie, your idea of converting shipping containers into self contained classrooms sounds like an interesting concept. But I fail to see how you can fit 30 seated learners into a 6m container classroom whether it be used in an impoverished area or not. To me that sounds like serious overcrowding if that is what you are proposing. But maybe I'm not understanding it all properly so if you could elaborate some more without obviously disclosing to much info on your concept please?

    Thank you.

    Ps. Keep those ideas coming :)
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      May 26 2013: Thank you kind sir. Like I have reiterated with a reply before.
      There is not only 6 metre shipping containers but 12 Metre also. But the ingenuity lies in the layout of these containers. These containers will be altered according to set Government standards that could be shipped throughout Africa and the World.
      Not just one style of Container but various according to subject preference.
      For example:
      A school of arts would required more of the Sound proof Classrooms and they require space for performing arts. So interconnecting the container side by side would create a bigger area for staging a performance.
      Now place several side by side would create and Auditorium/ basement.
      These are specialized molded and specially constructed Classrooms with safety as a main feature.
      .Now I come to my innovation.......... oops sorry for that
      (censored information )
      A well constructed plan of how these Containers would interconnect have also been considered.
      Specialised material and construction is required for the quick and easy movement and collection of these containers.
      So they could be used as temporary readymade quick setup auditorium
      (just a suggestion) Dropping 5 Container side by side with interleading Specialised walls also another Innovation to allow open plan staging area. It would be up in just a few minutes with Renewable Energy as Power source these containers can be a new trend of outside events management.

      These containers would be Technologically advanced Eco friendly innovation with New type of Ablution systems, that I have also conceived separating human waste deconstructing heavy waste and refining fluid waste to be reused as clean water all in one unit.
      So you would have a brand new standard of classroom that would improve standard of education.
      My Idea is to bring Technology to our Children who needs it more than we do.
      If we allow them to be more creative by thinking out of the box.
      We have a Next generation of Creative and Brilliant Minds
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    May 26 2013: With the pathetic state of Public schools throughout the world.
    We have to think about creating cost effect fixed standard on School Buildings. The Cost of a Conventional Brick and Mortar School, to accommodate 150 learners will cost the State anything from $100 000 and up plus the expenses of Maintenance.
    My Idea is not a New Idea but a new spin on the Idea.
    Renewable Schools. Operating on Renewable Energy.
    My Idea is very complicated but I will Highlight the Cons of my Idea:
    The set standard Containerised classrooms would create uniformity
    The Large number for these Classroom would result in Cost effective Production
    These Classrooms can easily be shipped to any part of the World
    These Classrooms would have high standards of technology and security
    These Classrooms would be more robust
    These Classrooms would be able to durable against the Harsh Elements
    These Classrooms Could be assembled like lego according to School administration design even thou they set size Classroom the way they are stacked and integrated would dependent on Architectural Layout.
    These Classrooms would allow productive learning environment due to Climate control and luxury amenities
    These classrooms would give learners pride in their school structure and give them reason to attend school
    These classrooms can be constructed to Subject Specific modification:-
    Kindergarten would have Collapsible popup desks. with Electronic Pressurised Flooring for sounds and colours
    Music rooms have sound proof material with Electronic instruments not actual
    Chemistry will have collapsible laboratory tables Holographic Laboratory
    History would have Historical data servers
    Business and Accounting would have stock exchange servers to give learners a feel on real time integration
    Geographic with 3D simulation projectors would allow learners not just to read about the universe but visualise through holographic representation.
    These are modern Classrooms what the world needs!!
    What do you Say??