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Hydrogen is the lightest element so why not use it.

We know of H2O turbines and Hydrogen Gas but I propose a new invention call Hydro-Flotation. If you can use gravity to spin wheels to Alternators and Motors would you be able to use flotation as well?

What would you use this new technology for?

Best of all it is all natural.


Closing Statement from Kevin Kamaile

It be like an upside down clock instead of energy from gravitation it would float.

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  • May 27 2013: If you have pure hydrogen gas how long will it last contained in a capsule? Can that capsule be connected to a cable thatruns down in to a pully and back up to a wheel? Connect that wheel to sprokets and another wheel that has a pully at the same length above the water for a gravitational weight.

    1. Weight to pull a cable by gravity
    2. Wheel to spin an alternator
    3. Flotation to pull the cable by flotation

    When the weight touches down a trigger pulls to let the float rise.
    When the float rises it pulls the weight back up and the flotation device sinks.

    The wheels would need to create more energy then it takes to sink and pull the weight.
    The best part about this system is the wheels can make more energy then the initial system uses.

    The longer the cable on any end the more power to pull the weight up and sink the flotation device.

    It leaves the rest of it's power for use as electric current to charge.

    I thought about this from watching this video and I figured out it could be reversed and upside down with flotation.


    I don't know if it is possible but it is an idea and I hope that is enough to trigger creativity of inventors.

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