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How have you been touched by the cultural thread of music?

Music is more than just a communication .. more than a commodity.

Music inspires and transcends .. it bears our reflection and our aspiration.

And it carries our traditions.

More than that, it is the doorway into reality for those who are lost.

Please share your story of how music has brought you home?


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  • Jun 9 2013: I think music is a medium that we, as an observer/listener, have very little control over. The act of music coming into your ear is far different from watching a film or reading a book, which I personally believe have more interaction with the viewer and more viewer control. I say this because just as smell can trigger a illustrious reconstruction of a bygone memory, I feel sound can do the same with bringing out strong feelings and senses of imagery where you don't have that luxury in film and the words of a novel must be read first before interpretation; there is this continuity about listening to music that is uniquely intimate.

    Under those regards, I find that my favorite pieces of music to listen to have a sense of a catharsis, one the brings out a plethora of emotions. As an individual struggling with general anxiety disorder, I find this to not just be fun but also therapeutic. I was happy to see music helping out Ji-Hae Park as well.
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      Jun 11 2013: Agree,

      It's deeper therapy when played or sung. This is why I respect the pennywhistle - it's cheap and easy to gain enough mastery for direct personal expression. Unlike singing, there is no expectation to have words.

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