Myo Kyaw Thu

corporate affairs executive , Kelvin Chia Partnership

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What is the most important things for the Third world countries like Myanmar?

I just want to know the different opinions so that I can know what to do when I become a graduate.

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    Apr 7 2011: Do not copy the failures of the 1st world countries!
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    Apr 7 2011: Develop an ethos where the people come first, where education is at the centre of the countries thinking and where a government is help to the highest standards. Develop a standard of living which does not rely on the credit of other countries, this can never end up in any thing but tears. Create a people who are innovators and problem solvers not complainers and blamer's when you have done this can you please send us the model as we are in desperate need of one.
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    Apr 7 2011: After reflecting for a bit, I think the most important step is to establish a government that has integrity and stablity. If the government is stable, transparent, and has the people's best interest at heart ( a huge undertaking I am certain) it will be the sort of place where other nationals and companies around the world might wish to invest in. Having said that- it must remain a top priority that the investments in a country are made for the overall good of the people and not just people from other nations.
  • Apr 7 2011: Hi Myo Kyaw, It is good to hear from someone in Myanmar. I would be interested to know what your experiences are and what you would like to see happen there. Are you a medical intern? If so, what developments would you like to see in that profession, for example?