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Are we obligated to help others in need from a evolutionary / genetic pov?

I want to ask if we're obligated to help others in need? Not from a religious standpoint as to not confuse the issue; but as a society coming from an evolutionary and genetic pov? Is moral obligation better for the human race? Or should "survival of the fittest" come into play?

This link is ranked high on Google and can provide more background on the issue: http://www.eacology.com/2012/07/Do-we-have-moral-obligation-to-help-those-in-need.html


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  • May 28 2013: if you earn your money the right way then you should be able to spend it how you want. Many people feel as though giving money actually hurts people in many circumstances. I work with a lady who grew up in Peru and her aunt worked for the catholic church doing charity and she says most of the people that where helped would end up stealing from the church when they had the oppurtunity and exploits its kindess whenever possible. I know too that my grandma has a lot of money but she rarely gives anything away because she feels that if you dont personally earn the money you wont respect it. I dont support survival of the fittest but i support individual freedom and people can choose what they want to do with their money. Also would llike to point to the fact giving money away can be as irresponsible as anything else and the same can go with charities. Many charities are lucrative bussinesses so if you want to be involved in charity i suggest you do so in a wise manner.
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      May 31 2013: Very good points here Keith. Its certainly a delicate balance between staying wise about how / what / who to help, while also trying not to judge others hearts (until we walk a mile in their shoes) because its so easy to become bitter that way. I certainly am still sorting out my own thoughts in that arena.

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