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Is common sense an over rated concept or is it under rated?

I often hear both sides of this and wonder... I hear people say that it is over rated and it inhibits the opportunity to dream big. But then when looking to solve a problem there must be some hint of common sense used to be able to have initiative that is plausible to becoming a solution???
Or is it that we need to use less when brainstorming solutions but more when deciding which solution is best?


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    Apr 7 2011: Common sense is to wisdom, as high IQ is to intelligence. Can't have one without the other.
    • Apr 8 2011: My brief membership in Mensa back in my misbegotten youth quickly taught me that, for many of its so-called super-intelligent members, IQ plus common sense often equals a constant.
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        Apr 8 2011: IQ is a measure where as common sense could be considered a tool or approach. What would you think to be larger issue or which one of these would have more problems in the current world: a person of high IQ and no common sense or a person of a high level of common sense but a rather low IQ?

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