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The source of morality

Many times religious people claim that atheist people are immoral, because they have no reason to be good. Claim is false, ungrounded and impudent but it has a point. Atheist people have no base for their morality. When there is no divine ruler; nothing is sacred, everything is permitted. But it is not! Why? Because not! I dumped old beliefs that prohibits samegender sex, or intercourse before wedding or eating pig meat etc. Still my morales very similar with what religion gave us, and when they can say "God forbid it" I can't say anything. I need those explanations. I need proofs that shows incest, bestiality, necrophilia is obnoxious and bad. I need proofs that shows wars ar ugly and bad.

Otherwise someone will just say, the siblings loved each other what is wrong with that? War is best way to develop technology is totally legit and necessary. Torchere is necessary, it can not be removed. No it is mean and ugly! Would you like to be torchered? Why am I a criminal?

I tried to build my own reason. I changed "the good" and "the bad" to "the flawed" and "unflawed" act. Now I can give reasons by revealing flaws of the act I do not approve. It made sense to me. But it is very subjective.

So what do you think about it. If you're not religious, what is your morales based on? Or what community should base their morale on it?


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  • May 25 2013: Why is it not possible that morality is ingrained in human beings without ever needing to say anything about a divine cause? Acting morally comes from a feeling of it, it acts in you, if it is a choice then it is not a moral act. So, moral action is a part of the inner being of the person not an external imposition. Morality cannot be imposed from the oyside whether this is religious or political or anything else. However, if it arises because of a spiritual event then it comes from an inner experience and can change a life.
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      May 25 2013: I agree with most of what you write Frank

      You say..."if it is a choice then it is not a moral act".

      Why can't a moral act be a choice?

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