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What have social networks changed in your life ?

We witnessed during last years the rise of social network power (e.g Facebook, Twitter...). Statistics shown an exponential growth of users. The social behavior codes were completely changed. In which way social networks changed your relationship with real life environment ?

  • May 24 2013: This is one of many recent questions that are phrased to imply that technology is an instigator of changes.

    I consider this assumption to be dead wrong.

    Social networks change nothing. People change their own lives using social networks.

    People are not passive entities. Technology can have no affect on a person unless that person empowers the technology.

    I decide what and how technology affects my life. So does everyone.
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    May 25 2013: Mehdi, I have noticed that many participants in TED Conversations are not active in the big social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. People have a limited amount of time for online conversation, so it makes sense that people would need to be selective rather than spreading themselves across many venues, unless they have such a broad presence as a way of marketing a product or service. Commercial enterprises often maintain a presence anywhere they can get a foothold and catch the eye of a potential new customer base.

    If you want to get a better idea of how social networks change people's lives, I would be sure to put your question out on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, where you will find millions of people who make extensive use of them.

    Like others have responded below, I have no Facebook, Twitter presence, or Google Plus presence.

    We are influenced by them indirectly even if we do not use them. For example, if people are less efficient at work because they are spending their time on Facebook, the costs a business faces may go up and be passed along in higher prices to consumers. On the flip side, if employees are more efficient at work because they are able to get the information they need faster through their social networks, costs and prices and go down.

    Looking again at information, we may have a better picture of what is happening across the globe because people on the ground are "broadcasting" minute-by-minute news using Twitter.

    Clay Shirky discusses this last dimension in one of his TED talks.
  • May 25 2013: Hi Mehdi,

    I joined social media firstly, as a way to virtually lessen the distance between myself and my family. Secondly, to reconnect with friends I have lost contact with. And thirdly, to promote myself and my music.

    I have met some amazing and inspiring people I consider friends via social media. My relationships with them seem to remain superficial, though. As far as promoting myself, the results have been meager at best, but I am grateful to have reached anyone at all with my music!

    On a personal level, I have found these communities to be lacking. I actually found myself becoming emotionally affected by the negativity, commercialism, lack of thought or intellect... even poor grammar and spelling was getting to me! When this started to happen, I removed my presence considerably.

    Joining TED, which I also consider a form of social media, has restored my faith in humanity.
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    May 24 2013: mehdi, I've never joined one. I am glad to know they are available, maybe one day I'll wake up and want to participate, and the idea of them is pretty neat. Would you consider TED a social network? TED has made me smarter and more articulate and creative.
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    May 24 2013: personally I don't think that social networks have changed my life however I think that It has affected it in certain ways,for example it enriched and extended my relationships in reality life and it gave me an interesting opportunity to find people easily in order to ask them about things that I'm interested in, I remember three years ago when I got the exam which allowed my to enter the university, I've been looking for people who study in different universities on Facebook in that way I learned better about the university that I enrolled in.
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    May 26 2013: Less and less face to face interaction with people and nature.
  • May 26 2013: I use the couchsurfing community to meet new, interesting people. Especially useful when moving to a different country.

    Facebook I use for keeping in touch with all the people I met around the world. I also use it to share my inspirations.

    Google+ I use to keep up to date with the current tech. But that is mainly for my profession. Also very useful for asking questions.
  • May 25 2013: I am like Pat - They are not part of my life. I will add that at a continuing legal education course a judge told us that he no longer did that because womeone tried to embarrass him using his social network.
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    May 25 2013: No, I don't see the purpose of them
  • May 24 2013: I have seen more chit-chat on these networks rather than having huge impact on real lives and for goodness.