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Do you think that obliging students to learn some subject by heart will make them successful students ?

I've been studying geology for three years and every year we face some subject in which we need to learn them by heart such as mineralogy which consists on learning the name of minerals and their chemical composition,we are obliged to do so if we want to achieve our exams, the issue is that at the end of the year or even after some weeks after the exams nearly all the students forget what they have learned.


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  • May 25 2013: This happens commonly in many different subjects including poetry, chemistry, biology, medicine etc. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in some cases these things have to be known, e.g. a chemsit should know at what temperature and what catalyst is required to produce an organic compound, a doctor must know what certain symptoms imply and so on. Howver, the problem comes when this philosophy is imposed everywhere and the concept of education becomes fixated in this form of learning. By this form of learning I also include a tendency to get students to reply via standard, expected replies without any inherent creativity. This approach will sink education and produce robots without any kind of innovation or ability to adjust to the new as is required in industry or business. This way of learning has its place but a limited place.

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