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Do you think that obliging students to learn some subject by heart will make them successful students ?

I've been studying geology for three years and every year we face some subject in which we need to learn them by heart such as mineralogy which consists on learning the name of minerals and their chemical composition,we are obliged to do so if we want to achieve our exams, the issue is that at the end of the year or even after some weeks after the exams nearly all the students forget what they have learned.


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    May 25 2013: personally I can't stand the rote memorizing just because I'm not good on that and I reckon that this is not something interesting and it doesn't reflect the real ability and the intelligence of students.
    personally I'm thinking to enroll in a business studying field what do you think?
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      May 25 2013: I think the study of business will involve little, if any, rote memorization. Coursework in economics, finance, quantitative methods, and "soft" social studies will be mostly analytical, and the core material will likely be based on analyzing cases, scenarios where you are given lots of material describing the situation and you need to figure out what you would do, typically as a team.

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