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Do you think that obliging students to learn some subject by heart will make them successful students ?

I've been studying geology for three years and every year we face some subject in which we need to learn them by heart such as mineralogy which consists on learning the name of minerals and their chemical composition,we are obliged to do so if we want to achieve our exams, the issue is that at the end of the year or even after some weeks after the exams nearly all the students forget what they have learned.


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    May 24 2013: I'm sure that memorization is important especially for literature and foreign language studying fields,but I believe that memorization is not holding a copybook or a book and start learning it by heart as if it's a holy book or something ,memorization comes with experience when we let the student participate in the course and encourage him to form his own book from what he sees during the class,or ask him to make some research about some topics and try to make a short presentation in front of the rest of the class for example... in that way memorization is gonna be linked to many details that student can't forget and it ll not be funny and the graduated person ll be someone who can discuss ideas related to what he studied not only being a professional in memorizing, ...I've another question , do you think that business is a field of study that requires a high amount of learning ?
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      May 24 2013: Baali, I don't think of what you have described just now as memorization, though of course learning involves retaining ideas in memory.

      I thought you were talking about the kind of rote memorization common to geology and history classes.

      I think functioning flexibly in any field requires continuous learning.

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