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How do you define "openness"?

How do you define openness?
How do you define free as in freedom?
How do you define wiki?
And What are the conditions that a service should provide so that this service considered an open service?


Closing Statement from AmirHossein Honardust

Thank you all for participating.
Your points of view are different but almost pointing to one big end: Humans need freedom.

Please feel free to read this conversation and contact me if you want make me happy by telling me more about your opinions.

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    Jun 5 2013: Most bathrooms in America are considered "open" to the public. That is you can use the bathrooms without actually getting permission to do so, as you would in Iran or Germany, etc. From my experience travelling the world, this is pretty much unique to the US.

    I understand that internet access is not particularly open in Iran and that the government is designing their own internet network serve that will be open to the public so they don't have to stray in western world website. Further, I heard that everyone will have to register their websites with the government agency.

    Has living in Iran given you more desire for freedom and openness in your life? How oppressive is the Iranian government? Also, how to you get around this fact and are able to access website such as TED?

    "...The state blacklist consists of about 15,000 websites forbidden by the Iranian government.[3] Before subscribers can access Internet service providers, they must first promise in writing not to access "non-Islamic" sites.[12] In 2008, Iran has blocked access to more than five million Internet sites, whose content is mostly perceived as immoral and anti-social." wikipedia.

    It is my understanding that Iranians are not allowed to visit the TED website.... How do you manage to not only access but become a member?

    Thank you for your question.
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      Jun 5 2013: I'm really impressed by your knowledge about iranians limitations on the network.
      Thanks for your answer. Now my turn.

      I'm not sure that TED is filtered completely, I just believe it's particularly filtered. ( hadn't checked yet). for example, You cannot access you tube, Or TEDconversation. In some ISPs maybe it's fully filtered.
      In my case, to access filtered sites (basically the whole internet), I have to use Proxies and VPNs. Which are like mediums. for example, when you want go to TED, you have to first, download TED to a server in USA or UK or Canada, then download ted from that server in Iran.
      It's really basic, And there are some serious moneys goes to VPN and Proxy provider's pockets.
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        Jun 5 2013: Outstanding reply Mr. Honardust.

        Most Americans are not aware of the hurdles that face many Arabic and Asian individuals as they search for the truth in today's world. Some people in the US. (programmers mostly, hackers and activists) are responsible for making these holes in the network to allow people in these dark zones access to the truth. It's one of the few situations that that Governments collaborate with social, cyber, activists, or look the other way.

        Some of them are members of the loosely knit organization called Anonymous. There are some rumors that Wiki Leaks provides holes for people to get the word out. Some call them cyber terrorists. To others, they are hero activists, creating portals for truth to flow into the dark regions of our world society. Your success in this dark area puts you in the same league as these heroes.
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          Jun 5 2013: I agree with what you are saying. From my experience over linux and other open products, I had the privilege to know that the best protectors and producers of openness and freedom are the individuals. Not the big companies or governments. The hackers of the open world are the dark knights of our (iranians) real world.
          And to answer to your concern, In these weeks iran have some serious political crisis over the next pres-edent el3cti-on (sorry for miss-spelling, It's just a little trick) which is happening in 2 weeks. So this topic won't make any trouble i guess.
          I try to pull strings and push borders of talking, If you are interested, i have some related posts in my blog: Amirlifestyle.blogspot.com of course for the safety reasons i cannot say the whole truth in there, but still :)

          Any how thanks for your great sympathy :) I will be honored to know your opinions on the words i've mentioned :)

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