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How do you define "openness"?

How do you define openness?
How do you define free as in freedom?
How do you define wiki?
And What are the conditions that a service should provide so that this service considered an open service?


Closing Statement from AmirHossein Honardust

Thank you all for participating.
Your points of view are different but almost pointing to one big end: Humans need freedom.

Please feel free to read this conversation and contact me if you want make me happy by telling me more about your opinions.

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    May 31 2013: 'Openness' implies an exchange of dynamic information that is unconstrained and uncensored, regardless of its source.

    I would define 'free' as a condition in which individuals may move, speak, think, act, and live in whatever manner they please without fear of legal or (unrelated) physical repercussions, either from other individuals or from the state. However, I don't believe that freedom should be absolute. Reasonable provisions must exist to ensure that the choices of one individual do not infringe upon the liberties of another. Additionally, no individual can be free from the responsibility of his or her choices, or from the natural and social consequences that will inevitably occur as a result of certain choices.

    With respect to the definition of 'wiki', this term seems far less subjective than the others. "A website developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content" (pulled from Google) pretty much sums up my understanding of it.

    In order for a service to be considered 'open', it should satisfy the previously stated conditions, but also moderate/annotate (not censor) content in an objective fashion such that appropriate context is provided, suspected bias is clearly labelled, sources are cited, and fact and opinion (plus everything in between) are readily distinguishable from one another. Such a service should be available to everyone. Wiki format is an excellent way for those who seek to offer an 'open' service which promotes balanced and multimodal perception to organize itself.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting series of questions!

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