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How do you define "openness"?

How do you define openness?
How do you define free as in freedom?
How do you define wiki?
And What are the conditions that a service should provide so that this service considered an open service?


Closing Statement from AmirHossein Honardust

Thank you all for participating.
Your points of view are different but almost pointing to one big end: Humans need freedom.

Please feel free to read this conversation and contact me if you want make me happy by telling me more about your opinions.

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    Jun 5 2013: openness,freedom,wiki, all these ideas are superb and many in the Americas believe this is in fact what they are currently experiencing ..but there is a GAP in which all the information s tainted to create a bias,. It is obvious many have knowledge of the topics you talk about...but what do we do when the systems of openness and freedom are being replaced by carefully crafted misinformation meant to alter our collective opinions...In counteries where they believe they are free no one suspects huge illusions or mis information is possible. At least in corrupt closed systems..at least everyone knows they are experiencing propaganda...How would one awaken a large group of "free" people to reconsider how fragile openess and freedom is....is it possible to be open and protect it from a well crafted regime of manipulation? how does one express a sense of a lie without looking like a conspiracy theorist?
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      Jun 5 2013: Good point. But from my experience, A real wiki provides all information not collective ones, and they all have the same ranking, so every person can put his/her idea in there. People starts to notice and finally the truth would glow!
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        Jun 7 2013: thankyou for your wisdom..if truth glows.. how does misinformation behave?how would I clearly "see"
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          Jun 7 2013: Good point. The thing is, the whole idea behind putting every opinions in one place is, It's not my choice or responsibility to tell you or command you how or what to see. It's your choice. It's how you like to look.
          Misinformation usually has no acceptable backgrounds or logic behind them. But i prefer to actually experiment the delicate or important information i receive if possible.

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