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How do you define "openness"?

How do you define openness?
How do you define free as in freedom?
How do you define wiki?
And What are the conditions that a service should provide so that this service considered an open service?


Closing Statement from AmirHossein Honardust

Thank you all for participating.
Your points of view are different but almost pointing to one big end: Humans need freedom.

Please feel free to read this conversation and contact me if you want make me happy by telling me more about your opinions.

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    May 31 2013: Openness means to allow for the ability to change, alter or contribute without restraint.

    Free as in freedom means to give unbridled access to one's abilities through the actions and thoughts there within of one's self.

    Wiki is a concept devised to allow for openness and freedom thereof to define our modern world with opinionated factual commentary.

    To be an open service, the services needs only be freely accessible by the public at large.

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