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Open source the government. Use the same open source system that is already working miracles on many of the world’s biggest problems.

We need a government that is a real democracy of the people, by the people and for the people, all the people! We need communities that serve each other and a government that serves the people, all the people. We need a government that protects all the people with the priority being on the simple things like fresh clean air, fresh clean water and preservation of our land. I don't have the answer and you don't either but if we get together and talk about it I am sure WE can achieve what I could not!

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  • May 28 2013: Keith, how much do you know about neuroplasticity? I don't know everything about it, but when I learned "of" it back in the 90's reported by ABC New's Bill Blakemore, I never spent another day thinking about popular notions like IQ or "geniuses". The truth is that the way our minds work is not determined by miracles or gifts from "god". Every one of us grows capacity we need to surround a problem in our heads that we can't seem to quite answer one day. And then some time goes by and you're having your tea and scones or w/e and ding, the answer comes when it seems you're not even trying. This dynamic explains a tremendous lot and it also provides grounds to end false assumptions--like racism, ethnicisim, ageism, sexism or any assumption that a group is superior or inferior. There is no such thing as "genius"--there are only variations in people. Some so-thought geniuses are "savants"--people whose intellectual capacity grows in leaps and bounds but at the expense of atrophy of the brain matter that determines routine social skills. Our society is still primitive with regard to understanding itself. One of the reasons is that "creationism" is factored into the design of education--whether it is taught or not. Consider that most states still have an unwillingness to have sex education. Let's forget about the idea of not learning about sex, but let's think about facing the full range of what happens in gestation in which many people have varying kinds of gender assignment and sexual preference issues which could be explained. But there's a huge part of society that wants to believe we're "created" a male or a female. And this unwillingness to face that nature is something different from the faith/lore that has defined the world views of generations of one's ancestors, results in perpetuation of cruelty and suffering by nature's real product- imperfect animal beings but ones with a super-powerful intellectual capacity growth dynamism hardly anyone yet understands.
  • May 28 2013: This can only happen entrepreneurially. (See my comment to Keith). Maybe 15 years ago I might have believed that the government can be moved with ideas. But now America's government may as well be as corrupt as a banana republic for all it can be relied on to get going sustainably. And "open source" is incentive-questionable. Maybe enough people hated Microsoft enough to find a model to basically do what Microsoft does and build enough remuneration in it. But open sourcing government is way too radical a leap of faith to believe has a chance by pure persuasion. There must be a Henry Ford to automate an assembly line--an entrepreneurial venture that can succeed for a decade or so to prove the existing government can be circumvented through an affordable product. Then the haters can come along and duplicate exactly what the pioneer visionary got people to do the old fashioned way--paying them to do what they are told whether they understand it yet or not. Watch how hard it may be for me just to get this point across here with smart people who want to see change, and think of trying to convince thousands of others to cooperate on faith. It can't happen in a hundred years. But it can in 5 if you create and sell the right integration of ideas that makes for a new direction people desperately want (whether they know it or not yet either).
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      May 28 2013: This is not a conversation about what will not work. This is a conversation about what you think will work.
      • May 28 2013: Can you have one without the other? I have ideas pump out of my brain like a fire hydrant opened all the way. What I don't have is a "mind camera" to capture even one still shot. And unfortunately for me, I just can't seem to draw very well. I went to School of Visual Arts in NYC to try to get help with that. Then I went to drafting school and learned a geometric approach. I still can't seem to convey an idea in anything but linear text. And there are billions of people like me, many of whom know they have solutions that will work. But once you're reduced to words instead of the wonderful audio-visual narratives that I wish I could output even a fraction of a percentage of, my ideas go into the "dead zone" of quadrillions of other competing textual passages that no one asked anyone else for. I'd say getting people to work with you is a pretty important first step. No?
        I am not trying to be a wet blanket and be dismissive, and boy do I hate when people talk that way to me, but I have been out in the world--actually having the very chance of a lifetime to change the world by being accredited to the UN Department of Public Information and part of a Committee to Create a Teaching Center at The UN. That was in 1990 and I had advanced knowledge of technology and it's direction then--I knew educators rarely had the latitude to just teach about the UN--I had to deal with wondering if I could create an outreach technology that could bring education into contemporary participation with "progress" not tied to nations but to one body intended to end conflict between nations. Guess what. Everyone else wants to change the world too. And what you say doesn't matter. It's only what you do. And unless you can motivate people somehow to cooperate with your vision, they won't even lend their mind to any part of it. I still try every day to influence someone somewhere but the Internet is but a pacifier that gives people the illusion they are influencing others. Let's talk more.
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    May 27 2013: There is a new genius on the block, his name is Jake Barnett age 14. They say his IQ is higher than Einsteins and in fact he is already publishing papers which will revolutionize physics. I bring this up because he like Einstein, Socrates and others all bring up the same point which is apropos to our government problem. Jacob says forget everything you know, clear your mind and immerse your self in the problem, become the problem and the answers will come.
    • May 28 2013: IQ is an antiquated indicator. It used to be used when the only things that were called computers were people whose job title was computer. I totally agree that we can advance exponentially as a civilization but that requires what Jake says in a different way--it takes constructive idealism and the guts to be constructively radical when you've achieved a replicable ideal whether anyone in any burocracy understands it yet or not. You don't go to the government with plans for an automobile if the society has been horse drawn for centuries and expect them to bull doze the country side and build a national highway system because the ide works on paper. The dirty gritty work of finding the way to mass produce automobiles that work which people can afford creates the reversal of policy in the government from protection of the buggy-whip salesman society to the Automobile Association.
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        May 28 2013: I believe Elon Musk is setting a fine example, he is clears his mind, decides on a good course and then forges ahead focusing all his money and energy on the goal. Anyone who cannot or will not pull their weight in his life is let go, including wives. It may seem a little brutal but it is consistent with most successful people. If he waited for the government to approve his ideas none of them would have got off the ground because he is knocking done the oil barriers that have strangled America for 300 years.
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    May 25 2013: The problem is that a lot of individuals inhabit the monolith called government that all act out of their individual interest. In other words they build empires to enhance their survival. They do this through new regulations and new agencies, always creating new ones never getting rid of the old ones.

    Politicians should wear NASCAR style suits with all of their sponsors names on their suits. This is cronyism which pays the billion dollars for a POTUS campaign. And it is remarkably cheap what do suppose the payback is on the investment in a campaign by the financial sector.

    Unfortunately the average citizen is easily manipulated as pioneered by Edward Bernays.

    The only real solution I see is to educate people as to the culture we live in, a study of epistemology. This is an upstream activity as demonstrated by the ubiquitous equality threads on this site. People have to be brought up to a level of knowing they don't know.
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      May 25 2013: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”- Socrates
      Pat I have read a lot of your comments and I respect you immensely, you seem to have a good handle on plain ole common sense. I think like Socrates said we need to focus on a new way, new ideas, new thinking. We will never get to new ideas if we spend all our time talking about what did not work in the past.
      Your last sentence hit it right on the head and was absolutely true however that is another problem, not a solution or new idea. Let's assume this discussion falls on the ears of some of the brilliant people in here who already know they don't know nothing and hope that the people who know everything skip this mundane conversation.
      So, to those of you who know they know nothing, how can we use open source ideas to build a government that works for all the people, all the time. I know there are many out there like Pat and I really want to hear from you, don't be afraid I don't bite and you will be rewarded, I guarantee it.
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        May 25 2013: In that light the new way is the oldest open source there is, the free market. The new way is the Libertarian way which of course is the old way. Democrats and Republicans are 2 sides of the same coin. For the Libertarians to get any traction it is going to take a bottom up effort. The odds are against it but what if... What if enough people said I will not support you anymore a real atlas shrugs what if...

        This was interesting 19 tough questions asked about Libertarians by Jon Stewart

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        May 26 2013: $
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          May 26 2013: Very cleaver man... smarter than the average bear
          OK so that is one of the major problems there are many more, do you concur Professor Gilbert?
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        May 26 2013: It has been made to appear complicated it aren't. The main problem is as the video indicates bubbles occur when force is applied to the market. (If you don't think it is force try not going along with a government demand) And that force creates the opposite effect than is intended. E.G. They say they are going to make more money available for housing this creates more home sales except it crashes because it is not voluntary the banks are forced to make the loans and it drives the prices up to an unsustainable level and pop. Same with education, healthcare, the bond market, military spending, government employees, public transfers to the "poor", public transfers to the finance sector. The touch stone on all of this stuff is it real value? which means is it at a price someone would pay for it. Is a college education really worth what they charge? or healthcare? or a public service? or are treasury bonds really worth almost 0% interest? These are all created by by government coercion.

        As indicated in one of this guys videos educating the public is a real ditch digger of a job. It could be done but the politician that does it risks his job but the one who doesn't, Bush & Obama & everyone since we went off of the gold standard, risk the world. The funny thing is the free market left to it's own devises is self healing in remarkable time. You just have to get people to Look. The epistemology on this stuff goes back to about 100 years ago when psychology started taking over along with Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve Central Bank, Edward Bernays (who the communist countries credit with every thing they know about manipulating people) In other words the whole deal is a manufactured dystopian state. Have you ever noticed how in TV shows the public servant is always shown as beyond reproach and the private sector worker is shown to be a derelict? A small example of the water we swim in.
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    May 25 2013: First off LaMar I checked out your off-grid stuff and signed up. I love what you are doing and want so much to do the same so thank you for the inspiration. I will definitely be in touch with you for more information. You had many questions and to tell you the truth I was more interested in listening to what other people come up with than spouting out my own ideas. However I will try to answer some of your questions:
    Examples that have worked- Wikipedia has revolutionized the encyclopedia concept, Kahn Academy is doing the same for education, Linux has brought free software to the world, Pirate bay has brought sharing anything digital to anyone, Google, Facebook, Web MD, Bitcoin, Creative commons, the list goes on, there are thousands of digital projects based on open sharing that are transforming our world. Just like your off-grid idea is shared with anyone who wants to join and contribute. We could and should do more with the government. Our government is not open in any sense of the word.
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    May 25 2013: In this modern era of electronics there is no reasonable need for the electoral college, every Americans vote should count!