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For whom do our soldiers fight?

The United States has started several wars over false pretexts. The Vietnam War was started over the Golf of Tonkin incident in 1964, but we now know that we were shooting at false radar images and not North Vietnamese. But at the time, Congress was told by the US National Security Agency that we were under attack, when we were in fact not under attack. And it was that incident that motivated Congress to authorize President Johnson to pursue the Vietnam War. Enough said there.

We're the only country that has used nuclear weapons, and we ended up killing hundreds of thousands of people. There's the rule about bullies. You have to actually take someone out at some point to earn your reputation for being a bully.

Then we look at the Iraq War. Remember that big U.N. show and all the weapons of mass destruction we never found? Since we started the war there, around about 123,366 non-soldier Iraqis were killed by this war. Another false pretext for starting a war.

And there are enough other examples that this looks like a persistent and very long term pattern.

At the same time, I recognize that there really are "evil doers" in the world that must be stopped with force. No doubt about that. Sure we can work on long term strategies to eliminate that threat, peace and love, but in the mean time, we really do need a military.

But who are the real evil doers? For whom do our soldiers fight? Are we fighting too many wars? Why are we spending so much blood and gold fighting wars?

If you are or were in the military, I would love to hear from you.


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    May 24 2013: Conflict is created, it is not created by the 2 who are fighting.

    The first question is who.

    Typically lobbyists from defense contractors. This is called crony capitalism.

    That being said if you are the U.S. do you just let Vietnam succumb to communism? Korea the same, especially when you look at the difference between North and South today. Vietnam is not flourishing today, although better than I would have thought.

    WW 2 had to be fought period.

    Mainly you have to look at who benefits from war.
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      May 24 2013: Thanks Pat - I think I agree with everything you've said, but seek clarification. May I conclude the following from your comments?

      A. Our soldiers typically fight for the benefit of defense contractors.
      B. It's OK to lie to the American people about our enemies to provide a false pretext for going to war, so long as the ends appear to justify the means.

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