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What is your passion?

I'm interested in reading about what drives you. Have you found it? Does everyone have a passion or do just some? Does passion change? Evolve? Do you earn a living incorporating or following your passion? How did you get there?

I love to read the wisdom shared in this global TED Community.

(My only conversational guideline/request is you do no harm with your words.)


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    Jun 4 2013: Thanks for the link.
    I was not aware that there was a community on TED ed to discuss education.

    And, I can't believe noone showed up to the Education social you tried to host.
    Did you put out flyers to all the teachers? What communication method did you use?
    Where did you host the social?
    How did you notify parents?
    Did you also contact the School of Education at the university nearest to you?
    How about the Community colleges?

    Sounds like you need to try again Della. Don't give up!!!
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      Jun 5 2013: I'm not giving up. I'm just trying to figure out the path. Maybe I should let go of the figuring it out? :)

      We did invite teacher, administrators, and folks at universities and community colleges along with some local small business leaders. We sent out fancy invitations via USPS and followed up with an invitation.

      Perhaps we should have scrapped the invitation list and posted flyers and notices everywhere? Thank you for saying, Don't give up!!!"

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