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What is your passion?

I'm interested in reading about what drives you. Have you found it? Does everyone have a passion or do just some? Does passion change? Evolve? Do you earn a living incorporating or following your passion? How did you get there?

I love to read the wisdom shared in this global TED Community.

(My only conversational guideline/request is you do no harm with your words.)


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    May 25 2013: Hi again Della:>)
    My passion is life.

    I do not feel "driven" by anything because I pursue all aspects of the life adventure with curiosity and joy.

    I believe that passion is something we can nurture in ourselves. I do not believe it is an external force.

    Yes, I believe passions change, and since life is my passion it is constantly changing:>)

    Yes, I believe it evolves as we learn, grow and evolve.

    Yes, my passions have often given me the opportunity to "earn a living". More than that however, passion contributes to us "earning a life".
    "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give..."
    (Winston Churchill)

    I got there by following my heart and using the logical, reasonable brain to figure out how:>)
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      May 27 2013: what if you really successful,you have know worry about 'earn a living'? where is your passion then?can you give me more knowledge about your 'earnig a life'?
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        May 27 2013: Good question Jaden Ye:>)

        As I said, to me, passion is something we can nurture in ourselves and we may, at any time, feel more or less passionate about activites and life circumstances.

        I learned, as a child, to do what I love and/or love what I am doing. I am very curious, and LOVE exploring all aspects of the life experience. Curiosity causes me to feel passionate about exploring, so I get very excited about a lot of things, that some people may think are simple and common.

        I am excited about each new day, excited about the sun rise, sun set, etc. I am excited about interacting with people on many different levels, and I believe all circumstances and conditions contribute to my life in a beneficial way, so that is what I mean by "earning a life". I create, for myself, a life that is enjoyable.

        When I follow certain paths with passion in my heart (curiosity, joy, excitment, intent to learn, grow and evolve) many times, the activity leads to a lucrative opportunity.

        I have always been fascinated with the human body/mind systems and human behaviors. One of my first jobs was as an operating room technician (assisting for surgeries). I observed the interconnecting systems of a living human body. This experience provided a living, because I was paid, and also contributed to "earning a life" because of the education it provided.

        I loved refinishing and reusing antique furniture, and as I did this for my own pleasure and use, it became another career....I bought, sold, refinished and restored antiques, which was lucrative (providing a living), and it also contributed to the joy and pleasure of my life.

        I have always loved music, play a couple instruments and sing. Pursuing various activities with music, which gave me pleasure (earning a life) also turned into a profession as an actor, singer, dancer in musical theater, which was lucrative.

        I followed my heart, creating an interesting life AND a living. Make sense? I'm glad to talk more about it if you wish:>)
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          May 27 2013: what a wonderful lesson,Miss Steen,thank you so much, I am really educated. I can see that you coordinate 'earning a living' and 'earning a life' by following your heart. Enjoyment is a crucial part? I tried to enjoy my life while dealing the tasks, but you know it is not easy. Have you ever experienced that struggle,how do you cope with it ? Of course I want to talk more about it, it would be an honor.
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          May 27 2013: This is a beautiful and very insightful explanation. I love it. Thank you both for bringing it to light.
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        May 27 2013: Thank you Jaden and Della:>)

        Yes Jaden, I coordinate earning a living and earning a life. I feel that everyone and everything in the life adventure are all interconnected. Yes, enjoyment is a crucial part, and that does not always mean that experiences are without challenge, because I have faced some traumatic challenges.

        For me, a foundation of life is to explore, learn and grow in every moment, so while facing challenges I feel contentment with the knowledge that I will move through them to the best of my ability.

        One of the concepts which has helped me move through the life adventure, is that I do not struggle with it. I accept what is happening in the moment. If we struggle, we simply give it energy to continue to "bother" us, therefor intensifying the struggle. My philosophy is to accept, understand, learn and move on with new information based on the challenge.

        We can change our thinking, which influences our feelings, which impacts our perception of the life experience. We are constantly programming our brain/mind.


        We can change our attitude about simple tasks all the time, which creates new neural pathways in our brain, which contributes to contentment and lack of struggle.

        Example of an everyday task....washing dishes.
        So, when I wash dishes, rather than thinking about it being a struggle or hard task, I remind myself that I am washing dishes because I have food to eat....a home..;..running water....etc., which many people in our world do not have, and I focus on gratitude and appreciation.

        You see? That is why I say that life is my passion, because it offers many opportunities:>)

        Glad to continue if you wish:>)
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        May 28 2013: Jaden Ye,
        I sent a reply to your e-mail. Please let me know if you do not receive it.....TED e-mail system is sometimes inconsistant.
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          May 28 2013: I cannot receive it. This is my email guofeiman@gmail.com, please send to this address if you do not mind. Thank you so much!

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