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What makes you optimistic and why?

Think about activities, food, movies or anything else you want and then leave a reply with three things that make you optimistic. Motivate your answer.

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    May 25 2013: It's a good question:) To tell the truth, it's my dog - he is the most optimistic creature in the whole world! I have never thought that an animal can be so supportive, kind and loving. When I feel sad i just go for a walk with him and my life fills with colors of love to the world. It's impossible to explain - just optimistic-causing magic:)
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      May 24 2013: Well said. Goodness in humanity is essential for hope
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    May 24 2013: What makes me optimistic?
    My irrational tendencies I guess.
    A great TED talk you should watch (which you may have) is :
    Tali Sharot: The optimism bias
    Anyhow on this note "always look on the bright side of life" :
    Bernard. :D
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    May 24 2013: One thing that keeps me optimistic is the fact "you can't teach someone who doesn't want to learn" is innately flawed and untrue :-D

    Everyone just wants to learn on their own terms, and trying to find terms in which everyone can respond to, is something of a personal-life-long challenge.

    Besides that optimism seems to do more harm than good at times... When not heavily reflected on as such.
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    May 24 2013: Hi David!
    I am basically an optimistic, curious person, so almost anything intrigues me:>)

    That being said, I'd say that gardens and gardening create the most optimism, because it is a constant reminder of the life/death/life cycle, as well as so many other cycles.

    After the winter of being dormant, spring is here and there is new growth in the gardens, which are changing daily as new things pop up everywhere. It is similar to the growth in my "self", as I navigate the life adventure.

    I can start again to eat fresh herbs from the gardens, and look forward to the coming season of fresh fruits and vegetables. Growing things are a vital part of the life experience, because the food provided sustains us, the gardens provide beauty and joy for many friends and family, and people are another very important element in my life.

    Gardens feed and provide living space for the pollinators, which are necessary for our food chain......gardens, to me are very exciting and joyfull:>)
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    May 24 2013: Mainly the opportunity to use what I'm learning and experiencing to help solve the world's problems. For activities: music I listened to on long road trips as a kid (mostly 80s pop and classic rock); good movies in various genres (also because I watched many as a kid); and lastly socializing or just meeting with friends (especially when we're watching Community :)).
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    May 24 2013: ~ The sun'll come out tomorrow. So ya gotta hang on 'til tomorrow; Come what may. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow. You always a day away.~

    It's my all time cheering up song :)
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      May 24 2013: I LOVE it too Kelwalin:>)

      Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun.
      Just thinkin' about tomorrow, clears away the cobbwebs and the sorrow, 'till there's none,
      If you're faced with a day....that's gray....and gloomy,
      Just stick out your chin, and grin, and say...................
      Tomorrow, tomorrow...............:>)
  • May 23 2013: Hmm.. 3 things that make me optimistic... Let`s see...
    To begin with, i may say that i am optimistic most of the time, i don`t let ordinary things to tear me down and i continue to move on whatever happens. :)
    The first thing that makes me optimistic, actually it`s not a thing and it`s not only one.. And i am talking about all the persons who are close to me, my friends, my family, people whom i accidentally meet on the street and who continue to give me true life lessons.
    I am optimistic because i keep dreaming and i have hope and i trust myself. I am optimistic because i`m trying my best day by day to become a better person, to improve myself and also because i learned to cherish all the moments which thought me important stuff.
    I think that every second is a good opportunity to take better decisions, to choose better. i become more and more optimistic about everything after i watch a movie which i`ve seen it before and i like it, because you can see in it true inspiration.
  • Jun 4 2013: Having my pessimistic views validated, ironically.
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    May 25 2013: .
    Our life goal drives me optimistic.

    To reach the goal drives me to make a-step-betters to keep our DNA alive.
    To find a-step-better makes me optimistic because our brain (the most powerful "computer" today) never fails us.
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    May 24 2013: David, I would answer your question, but I'm not sure how good your English is, my answer is fairly sophisticated and I would like to be understood.

    Your English seems perfect in your question and explanation, are you from the U.S.?
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      May 24 2013: I'm from Romania but how this is relevant? If you want to answer, then you are pleased to, if don't then just continue following the thread or leave.
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    May 24 2013: Liberty, Faith and the good folks at Pfizer.
  • May 24 2013: cats,full in love without problems ,mercy