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What makes you optimistic and why?

Think about activities, food, movies or anything else you want and then leave a reply with three things that make you optimistic. Motivate your answer.


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  • May 23 2013: Hmm.. 3 things that make me optimistic... Let`s see...
    To begin with, i may say that i am optimistic most of the time, i don`t let ordinary things to tear me down and i continue to move on whatever happens. :)
    The first thing that makes me optimistic, actually it`s not a thing and it`s not only one.. And i am talking about all the persons who are close to me, my friends, my family, people whom i accidentally meet on the street and who continue to give me true life lessons.
    I am optimistic because i keep dreaming and i have hope and i trust myself. I am optimistic because i`m trying my best day by day to become a better person, to improve myself and also because i learned to cherish all the moments which thought me important stuff.
    I think that every second is a good opportunity to take better decisions, to choose better. i become more and more optimistic about everything after i watch a movie which i`ve seen it before and i like it, because you can see in it true inspiration.

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