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There seems to be a conflict between being online and in the body - suggestions to solve that.

We need to help each other to find a balance in the race for controlling the outside of ourselves and taking care of our insides. I see so many people everywhere who seem have lost their biological urge to move, sense and enjoy their bodies and because of that have health issues and pain.
Even in poor countries obesity is a problem for many people now.
The big tech companies need to be careful with what they start marketing.
In health care all over the world more and more resources are going to machines and laboratories. In evidence-based medicine many mis-credit long clinical experience and young health care professionals spend more time learning a battery of measurement methods, instead of palpating, sensing, being with their patients. Valuable knowledge is lost, because the teachers are not present, online learning has taken over. And it is not helpful in learning certain skills.
I suggest more resources to physical therapy and pain research. All health practitioners need to learn full body exams at some point during their studies, but most of all become comfortable with their own bodies.
Do you here in this great community have any input on that?


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    May 24 2013: I have seen obesity rise in individuals as smoking and taking (recreational/illegal) drugs has declined. Do you see a connection?

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