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Is success related to your talent? Is talent related to your interests?

my idea of being a successful person means to do sth. u really interested but how can u know if u have the talent to do the things u interested?can talent be developed?if so,please tell us one of ur talents that u have developed


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  • May 25 2013: A difficult one this. There are many people with great talent who never discover them in their lifetime for whatever reason. Then there are talents which the person does not wish to follow because of moral concerns, e.g. a person who is very good at killing but does not want to pursue a career as an assassin because it is wrong. Then there are talents which are not appreciated by the person who possesses it, he/she instead wishes to be good at something else. Success can be related to talent but is not the only factor or even the main one at times. Some people are exceptionally talented at say art but only do it for self fulfillment and don't wish to sell it as they feel this is a betrayal of the art. On the other hand some just need a bit of luck or to know the right people at the right time. Example, a talented American blues singer who had never had commercial success and was now in his late 50's. A record producer was on the phone in his apartment and said he hears some good music, outside busking, was that singer, the producer asks him to make a record and he said he couldn't he was busy earning money. But he did make that record and then a couple of years later died. He had missed out all those years till near the end. There are people also who are very successful but have little talent, this is related to those you know and less to your ability.

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