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Is success related to your talent? Is talent related to your interests?

my idea of being a successful person means to do sth. u really interested but how can u know if u have the talent to do the things u interested?can talent be developed?if so,please tell us one of ur talents that u have developed


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    May 24 2013: You may be talented but not necessarily successful !!! There are thousands of people on this planet who have a special skill, or maybe they are extraordinary in what they do, yet the definitions of "SUCCESS" in this material world, they may be pretty unsuccessful. A gymnast performing at the olympics for a gold medal a winning it is as success (as the world sees it), but an acrobat performing in the street for that day's meal and getting that meal IS IT NOT SUCCESS? So probably, everyone has his own version of definition for SUCCESS and it all depending on what his target was ...

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