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Is success related to your talent? Is talent related to your interests?

my idea of being a successful person means to do sth. u really interested but how can u know if u have the talent to do the things u interested?can talent be developed?if so,please tell us one of ur talents that u have developed


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    May 23 2013: I define success as attaining a desired goal. Whether that goal is money, health, or simply the completion of a specified task is another matter that doesn't fit into what success is. That said, success relates to talent directly because having a talent in a given field makes attaining a goal within in that field easier. Talent lubricates progress.

    As a poet and artist I have found that talent is an inescapable component of my interests. Like many creatives, I have sometimes felt compelled to practice my talent beyond all rational or emotional interest in doing so. For example, I used to be bothered by the words that would spring into my mind without invitation and resent the compulsion to immediately write them down before they were lost; but, my talent for being plagued by these words was constantly fed by my interests in poets, writers, storytellers and musicians.

    Gauging one's own talent and developing it are two huge topics in themselves.

    In my experience, I am most talented in those areas that come easily and persistently to me, like tastes. I don't have to work at knowing that I love dark chocolate because it easily and persistently reminds me that I love it every time I smell or taste it. Thus, I'd say I have a talent, albeit very minor, for enjoying the taste and smell of chocolate. This is different from the ability to taste or smell chocolate because there are a great number of people who can smell and taste chocolate without any enjoyment of it whatsoever. Being a talented artist requires that your art comes easily and persistently with a passion, without any effort on your part. It could be said that an art chooses the artist before the artist's birth, then the artist practices the art or is simply plagued by it until death. Being chosen by your vary nature is having talent. Talent can not be taught.

    Talent can, and often should, be developed. As talent is an individual gift it must be developed by those who own it, perhaps with guidance by others.

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