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Do you think we meet the people in our lives for a specific reason or is it all random?

I think the question is self-explanatory. People includes friends, mentors, and even enemies. There's nearly 7 billion people in the world. Are we destined to meet a certain few or is it all by chance?


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  • May 25 2013: I do not believe that life is accidental. The universe is an unfolding whole so that everything which appears separate is in fact closely related, even when we cannot see this link. In that case things happen through the introduction of opportunities to change your life at any time. While these opportunities only exist for a short time, you can, if you are aware of them, take them or leave them. While these exact opportunities do not return new ones replace them. What we say when we see such a link, e.g. a person we meet that influences our lives, is that there is reason for meeting them. This word reason has a usage which usually links separate events, when such events occur as part of a whole then reason may be the wrong word to use.

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