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Create a filter on the TED website that allows individuals to filter based on area or region

If you could use a regional filter to connect with other members in the community page it could create a way for members of the TED community to connect locally.

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    May 23 2013: Very good idea. Global change starts local.
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    May 29 2013: I like being able to see/find people from UK, Canada, India, and Australia. And more if they are available. Local is good, but international is better. A better plan might be to find a way to search the profiles for individual members who identify themselves as living in your area and who want to get in touch with people locally. That might be a good plan. You can sign up to get the privilege of doing a "membership search" for members in your area who have 1) identified where they live, and 2) are willing to be contacted by other TEDsters. And include an opt-out feature to protect TEDsters like me from the multilevel marketing scams that this could open everyone up to have to endure. That is always fun for about five minutes. Then, you realize that they won't let you leave. And you are stuck having to listen to the whole rigamarole business. Lots of resentment get built up there . . .
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    Are we not content with the continents, countries, counties/states, districts, cities, villages, colonies, streets, houses and with the the house separate rooms and down to the level of our big egos which separate two room mates............
    • May 24 2013: Hi Vaneesh,
      I think Kendall's idea is to conquer this idea of separation, and bring us physically closer to each other, which I am all for, by the way!
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        May 24 2013: I appreciate your ideas and agree that this sort of filtering may enhance the localized experience. But then isn't TED a global platform i.e I, as an individual, feel happy to interact with so many people like yourself...understand them and exchange ideas/opinions......after all in the local area we are already aware of people and their common viewpoint or problems... the charm is in going global !!! Isn't it???

        As far as connecting with nearby TEDizens is concerned.... it would then become so limited in practice that, the entire idea would get jeopardized. Well that's just my opinion on the basis of my experience of how things deteriorated on the social front in India with segmentation and filtration.
        • May 25 2013: Hi Vaneesh,
          I totally hear what you're saying.
          I also have a feeling this idea would also be difficult to realize where I live, I also have experience trying to get an online community to go local, which failed miserably.

          At the same time, I don't think the two need to be mutually exclusive - it can be a 'win - win' situation, can't it? Continue to communicate on a global scale, as we do now, but with an 'added bonus' of the opportunity to get together physically to exchange ideas in real-time brainstorming sessions? Would you object to something along those lines? Especially, if the ideas the sprout from a get-together, were then shared here for the global TED community to further discuss?
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          May 28 2013: I hadn't considered that. I was thinking along the lines of starting an in person group. I went to a meetup recently and the experience of meeting people face to face is so much different than online. There are no meetups for TED in Dallas. I don't have the time to start one but I was thinking it could make it easier for people who want to organize meetups.

          There are people that would isolate themselves, I am not certain that the individuals who do that wouldn't do that whether there was a filter or not. I think TED is a pretty open group of people. I think they are less likely to be excluding of others.

          If you think about it, it could lead to local community projects as well- not just meetups. For example you could start a local conversation about a topic that affects your area in particular, the conversation could lead to a solution from locals. The locals who participated in the conversation would have expressed concern or interest already so maybe you could even have a set of volunteers. The thing is- solutions happen at the local level a lot of the time. So that is what I would like to see encouraged.

          Perhaps along with allowing things to be filtered local there could also be a flag for individuals who post a global topic on a local platform? That could prevent people from exclusive perhaps.