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The Modern View on Marriage and Divorce- Single Parenting or Staying Together for the Kids?

Is it better to end a tumultuous marriage and become a single parent, rather than trying to make it work? Having experienced it from the child's point of view- could it work for the sake of maintaining stability in life and holding together hope for future relationships? Do people understand the profound effect it can have; having to watch parents go through numerous relationships, lack of confidence, getting by on one household income? Not only that, but emotions that come with being shared with parents, and feeling second because they need to start their new life from scratch?
Mainly- What is it like when your parents stick to it?


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  • May 25 2013: Not an easy question. In some cases two people stay married for the sake of the kids but if this becomes so abrasive that the children suffer then it becomes self defeating. But, in other cases it is the right thing to do. In other cases the persistent marriage dies a horrible slow death where little remains between the two parents other than habit. This destroys the two lives of the parents while allowing the children to blossom, in that sense it requires self sacrifice. It denies a new life of potential love to those parents.

    Now, is it true to say that a single parent family misses out on something? In some way yes, there is one parent with much more stress and pressure on them and less time for the parent to find love for themselves. This is compensated to some degree by the love of the children and the joy in being a parent. However, it is hard on that one parent and the child misses out on a gender role model, a father or a mother. This will be missed and effects lives for a long time including potential relationships of the single parent children themselves.

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