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The Modern View on Marriage and Divorce- Single Parenting or Staying Together for the Kids?

Is it better to end a tumultuous marriage and become a single parent, rather than trying to make it work? Having experienced it from the child's point of view- could it work for the sake of maintaining stability in life and holding together hope for future relationships? Do people understand the profound effect it can have; having to watch parents go through numerous relationships, lack of confidence, getting by on one household income? Not only that, but emotions that come with being shared with parents, and feeling second because they need to start their new life from scratch?
Mainly- What is it like when your parents stick to it?


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    May 23 2013: It is definitely better to end a tumultuous marriage. It is not better to end a marriage that could work and just lacks certain key elements.

    Let's face it...people get married for the wrong reasons. They also stay married for the wrong reasons. Many get divorced for the wrong reasons. It's impossible to come up with a "one size fits all" answer. Both parties need to look at a couple factors.

    Once you pass a certain line the damage is not repairable. Things will get better before they get worse. I don't think it's ok to stay together thinking the kids will be better off. The kids will not be better off.

    Counseling is a good start if you think your relationship is taking a turn for the worse. It may seem like the situation is moving in the right direction; and then it relapses into chaos. Communication is key. Both people need to be ready for change. It cannot be a one way street.

    Sit down with your partner and communicate openly. Arguing is not communicating. Each side of the conversation needs to be assured that his or her needs are being met. Everybody wants to feel valuable. This is especially true for your companion. If they don't feel valued by you they probably don't value themselves all that much either.

    You need to know when things have gone too far. The kids will be much better off not seeing their parents arguing constantly. You will be programming them to handle communication in the same way. As they say "break the cycle" and be sure not to start the cycle either.

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