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What's your million-dollar idea to change the world?

Every year, the TED Prize is given to one innovative thinker who has what it takes to make a difference -- by putting one million dollars into action in order to fulfill a world-changing vision.

Since nominations are open for the 2014 TED Prize, we wanted to put our heads together with you, the TED community, and brainstorm even further: How would you choose to make an impact with one million dollars? What would you like to see as next year's TED Prize wish to inspire the world?

This is a space for you to get your mental gears turning. If you would like to officially nominate a mentor, colleague, friend -- or even yourself -- head to www.tedprize.org by Sunday, June 16.


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    May 28 2013: Morton "Dr. Evil" Bast. We may need a few more zeros. My idea would be to create an exponential photovoltaic manufacturing facility in the SW which would be eventually self sustaining +++. Initially a $10BB (or more) private or government "seed investment" would be used to create photovoltaic manufacturing facility. The photovoltaic manufacturing facility would eventually generate enough photovoltaic cells to create a solar farm capable of producing all of the electrical power needed to run the facility with no external energy assistance. The next step would be to continue manufacturing cells for the farm and eventually start to sell surplus electricity into the grid. This income would be used to begin repaying for the initial costs of infrastructure. With the correct ratio, the plant could pay itself off and continue to provide panels and electricity for the area.

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