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What's your million-dollar idea to change the world?

Every year, the TED Prize is given to one innovative thinker who has what it takes to make a difference -- by putting one million dollars into action in order to fulfill a world-changing vision.

Since nominations are open for the 2014 TED Prize, we wanted to put our heads together with you, the TED community, and brainstorm even further: How would you choose to make an impact with one million dollars? What would you like to see as next year's TED Prize wish to inspire the world?

This is a space for you to get your mental gears turning. If you would like to officially nominate a mentor, colleague, friend -- or even yourself -- head to www.tedprize.org by Sunday, June 16.


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    May 25 2013: How about we get rid of money and head of states all together?

    How about we replace them with the simplest common sense logic that any modern 5 year old would agree to? Oh I dont know, maybe instead of the monetary economic system we scientifically survey the earth's human and raw resources and then utilize them in the MOST logically efficient and humane way possible? How about we use the survey data to govern our society instead of a bunch of people who has no scientific background, expertise or any idea of how to efficiently manage these resources?

    Am I living in the matrix or something? There is no way this world is real, how can humans, with all their combined intelligence and scientific achievement, failed to grasp the simplest BASIC concept of efficient living? Human modern socio-economic-political systems are a joke.
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      May 27 2013: ah, this is right up my alley. I figure if it not important to a 5 year old, ought it be that to us? The vertical climb into the ivory towers, and now the glass clad steel sky scrapers in which to keep track of every transaction . . some one dreams up some and no one stops to check what we are losing in the proCess. All of creation works from within. We cannot serve the common good at the cost of an individual. We cannot defend ourselves without becoming offensive to others. Money we created to con us into working for a living. and now that machine do so much of the work, or. . to put it in ski resort terms. . it costs like hell to climb a mountain. Down hill on the other hand, is a swish swish swoosh swoosh free be and play if, for all we are worth. I truly believe that money will fall away easy as the autumn leaves the bare naked ladies of the wood stand through all the winTry days, with their fresh buds to spring upon us soon as the weather warms. .
      To me money is a show of how a virus works. the grip it can have on us. why can we not share as nature does, it a continuous show of playfulness and abundance. . time to do the CanCan

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