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What's your million-dollar idea to change the world?

Every year, the TED Prize is given to one innovative thinker who has what it takes to make a difference -- by putting one million dollars into action in order to fulfill a world-changing vision.

Since nominations are open for the 2014 TED Prize, we wanted to put our heads together with you, the TED community, and brainstorm even further: How would you choose to make an impact with one million dollars? What would you like to see as next year's TED Prize wish to inspire the world?

This is a space for you to get your mental gears turning. If you would like to officially nominate a mentor, colleague, friend -- or even yourself -- head to www.tedprize.org by Sunday, June 16.

  • Jun 1 2013: If I had a million dollars I would use it to start a program that would reinvent the system currently utilized for interviewing foster parents to be. As an adult that lived his life within the system I have experienced various different foster homes, group homes, and even residential treatment centers, and what I have found, is that in all of these circumstances, myself and my peers were simply accused of being damaged, and treated as such. But what we are never treated as, is equal. And we are rarely loved. We are given the shadow of a family. I say shadow, because a foster parent cannot sign a field trip permission slip, or put you on their car insurance. My foster parents, and many others I've heard, are prone to sending their foster children to stay at another foster home while they take their family on vacation. In the foster homes I lived in I was mostly made to do yard work and gardening and cleaning projects, while the biological children of my foster parents were allowed to play. I ate Peanut butter and jelly while they ate pizza. But none of that really phased me. What did hurt, and what still hurts today, is that no one ever told me they loved me. Nobody ever went out of their way to get me to believe in myself, instead they told me I was damaged, and they treated my like I was sub human. If I dealt with my torture filled past admirably, my therapists would accuse me of being in denial. If I fought with my siblings, we were sent to separate homes. If I received detention at school, or I didn't get good grades I was threatened with being sent away. These are things that burn the soul, and although all things heal with time, once a scar is formed it is always remembered. Our social welfare system, as it relates to child care, and especially foster care, is flawed. It needs to be understood that there is no benefit in taking a child away from physically abusive parents, only to hand them off to emotionally abusive strangers.
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      Jun 1 2013: Please accept my sympathy for what you had to endure as a child. Your comment is heartbreaking, but contains an extremely potent message about the lasting damage caused by a broken system which allows apathetic and degenerate people to become foster parents. Although it may seem fairly intuitive and obvious to some of us, many others (parents and foster parents alike) need a powerful reminder that children are very malleable in every sense of the word. For better or worse, whatever happens to us when we're young can play a key role in sculpting many staples of adulthood, and influence our emotions for the duration of our lives. Very few individuals are fortunate enough to emerge from childhood completely unscathed, but regardless of the extent of the 'damage', no one deserves to be loved less or treated without respect because of it.
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      Jun 2 2013: Damn man and i thought I had it bad feeling like the least liked kid. I see that you're a strong person because of it and I thank you for all of this! Without you this would most likely not have been brought up. You are going to be make other kids lives amazing and they will love you for it!
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        Jun 2 2013: Jah: In 'my' day it was called 'character building'................................still is in some parts of the world they tell me.

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          Jun 2 2013: Honestly blade runner everything you say means nothing always "specific this specific that" where are your ideas? All you do is criticize and TROLL from what I've seen. There's a bit of "character building" for you.
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        Jun 3 2013: Well Jah............Suggest you confuse criticize with question! Suggest somebody has to bring some sense of reality to some of the half baked ideas that folk put up herein. Maybe you are one of those folk that believes all opinions have equal merit......................I don't,.................that would mean promoting/condoning stupidity!

        As for my ideas....................Well Jah...............as I've said before, pretty much all of the planets current issues/problems all stem back to overpopulation.

        And hey ..........suggest religion creates more problems than it solves and it no longer is a crowd control technique for politicians.

        Also noticed that a bucket load herein feel that life has short changed them and its the Govt, society or somebody else that needs to 'right' those 'wrongs'!

        The longest fire burns from the chip on ones shoulder!

        Hows that for some specifics.......................I have some more, but Hey, they would probably be even harder for you to stomach/come to terms with.

        And btw don't bother with the pithy cry 'Troll' as my experience is that, that usually is forth coming from folk that can't handle their unsustainable ideas being questioned.

        And as for 'character building'................that coming from somebody that changes their avatar every 30 secs kinda suggests they might have some sort of disorientated character issues to deal with.

        Just saying......................

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          Jun 3 2013: Well they are ideas to be collectively worked on so specifics don't just come packaged with them every time. Sorry that doesn't satisfy you. Overpopulation is not a problem either. It may cause problems due to people using more than they need to survive or not doing something the more difficult way to save the planet but I'm probably just a bleeding heart for that as well. As for my avatar... It is to make a statement and show support for the protesters in Turkey, yet again bleeding heart I'm guessing. Excuse me while i shed my humanity... NOT. Instead of asking for specifics why don't you suggest some for once? That would be CONSTRUCTIVE... CRITICISM. :D People would appreciate that and not feel as though they are being trolled every time you post. I don't mind constructive criticism at all but you don't do that. Do you? You seem quite inhumane to me but hey that's just my opinion and who am i but a guy with "half baked" ideas to help the world. Please feel free to share something besides committing MASS MURDER to solve the worlds problems. You're smart, I can tell. Use the old thinker for some good. Hope you crack a smile thanks to me! Have a good one man I know i will! :D
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          Jun 5 2013: Dear Blade Runner. This blog asking for proposed solutions to make the world better is, I think, intended to be a forum for people to share proactive remedies. Stating that your "ideas" are that there are too many people on our planet and that religion does no good only shares your opinion that these are sources of some of the worlds problems. That may well be true but what are your specific proposed solutions? Some here have named you a Troll. This may sound like name calling but I believe the term is now used to describe people who hide behind anonymous pen names to vent their misanthropy. You may not have noticed but most of the regulars on TED use their own names. Some of them may seem strange, like mine, and foreign sounding but they are mostly our real names. Yes many of the people who contribute on TED are young and idealistic and have not had the years that you and I have had to gather wisdom through experience. Much of what you say seems more like cynicism to me however. I have observed that those who trample on others dreams are them selves seldom happy. If that is true for you I hope you find a solution for your suffering. Sincerely Yours, Chad Manderscheid
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        Jun 3 2013: :):): cracks a smile......just for the heck of it....ooops that was two.

        Collectively you say.................recall some Guy called Karl being into collectives, but he definitely had specific collectives on his agenda and as I recall that kinda ended badly.

        Humanity you plead/claim..................curious about your support for 'some' Turks.........anything more special about them than any other 'bitch' of the hundreds going on around the planet?

        Geeez man your full of assumptions and guessing. And as for sorry............suggest we both know your not!

        Further when I gave you two ideas of what needs addressing you still claim I haven't put anything on the table and start rambling on about 'constructive criticism'.

        Bottom line still is your like so many.................you fear the questions because then you have to become accountable!

        And its the questions that sort out the wheat from the chaff or plausible from the half baked.

        Suggest you learn some comprehension skills and get 2 cents worth of rationale deduction procedure to boot................

        Ala....where did I suggest 'committing mass murder'?

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      Jun 2 2013: Jeff: Curious .................and that would change the world for what percentage of the world's population?

      Seems like an idea catering to a minority, not the majority, but hey don't fret, I've noticed of late the minorities have more 'pull' than the majority.

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    May 23 2013: Invest in free energy technologies. Give grants to universities and researchers to do research in controversial free energy technologies. Give every inventor and physicist a space to present their idea without any bias.
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    May 30 2013: With one million as seed money I would gather a core of committed semi volunteer staff and set up a revolutionary model school fully compatible with the principles shared by Sir Ken Robinson and incorporating as much as possible of the latest discoveries in how beings can optimize their capacity for learning. Using a holistic approach to improve all the aspects and conditions that often tend to limit an individuals development i.e. psychological, nutritional, social and much more. I would do intake and final testing and document the results to prove the existence of a better mousetrap. I am convinced that it is possible to take an average or even somewhat damaged child and give them a complete and better education by age 18 for less money than we now invest. Not just a little better but so much so that they would be fully ready to enter society as a contributing adults or go on to graduate school. The school would be extensively experiential creating value (wealth) on site and partnering with local small businesses for the older students. The use of mentors and modeling combined with the study of each student to take advantage of their unique learning styles could truly leave no child behind. A key element is that once set up the school would be self sustaining with minimal financial contribution needed from parents, where possible it could be a charter. Ideally with little modification it could be replicated to function in any country in the world. My concept is that each school could foster another about every five years, training teachers and leaders like an educational breeder reactor. I have worked in counseling and education for many years in two different countries and have already proved many of the elements I plan to incorporate. Much of what I envision is being done piecemeal by existing alternative schools but no one I am aware of is even doing a plurality in one place. In the limited space available I cannot give more than this sketchy overview alas.
    • May 30 2013: Wow! This is such a similar idea to mine. Should I win the lottery I will be in touch, so long as it is a substantial amount and not £10.00.
  • Comment deleted

    • May 23 2013: I like your idea. For me I do not necessarily want to homestead but I still want a tiny house. Realization that we don't need all the stuff in our lives. What we really desire is relationships and the free time to pursue whatever we want. Tiny houses enable people to do this because it enables them to escape the chains of their job.
    • May 24 2013: LaMar, I absolutely agree with this!
      The benefits of utilizing our earth in a symbiotic way with nature are too numerous to count.
      As an 'off-the-gridder' myself, is also tremendous sense of pride and a feeling of connectedness in this way of life, in sustaining yourself and family.
      I feel society is too dependent on authority to fix our problems - we've forgotten how to do the most basic things to ensure our survival! We take for granted everything we have, and everything we don't need.
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    Jun 5 2013: One of the most serious and wide spread problems is the huge number of children now in single parent homes, many of them living in impoverished conditions due to their parents lack of marketable skills. This reportedly amounts to more than 50% of the children here in America. Solutions? One practical solution I would be glad to spearhead would be to set up a model cooperative day care center for single or immature parents wherein the parent stays on site and is provided with, first a period of rest and recuperation then counseling and therapy and then skills and job training. The counseling would include how to care for themselves and then their children and segue into marketable skills and finally how to choose a future workable partner (and how to be a partner). As the parent recovered and found their balance they would get practical training through apprenticeship in assisting in the day care and then in the kitchen-restaurant and then in a wide variety of IT skills including book keeping and managing and more. The sand trap like situation of a young parent without skills is that even if they get a job somewhat above minimum wage they often then must pay for day care. Unfortunately good affordable day care is either a three word oxymoron or a synonym for grandma (assuming she is in condition to provide it, which is rare). My own observation is that even high priced day care is unlikely to be as good as a mothers own. Studies of the personal history of prison inmates have shown that a huge proportion of them did not receive consistent nurture from an adult with whom they had a bond in their first five years. It does not have to be a mother, it can be a father or any relative or adult who has established a two way bond. Without this the outlook is grim for them and us as a society. This proposal is a section of my other proposal for a model school, but could stand on its' own, private schools often start with a day care kindergarten and then add a level each year
  • Jun 1 2013: I was just watching a documentary on the Zo'é tribe from the Amazon and their children just follow the adults and learn solely from experience. The TED Talk by Benedict Allen, the explorer states that he was so incompetent he was sent to learn jungle hunting skills by a ten year old boy. Discovering he was too incompetent even for that level he went down to a five year old and was finally passed to a girl, who at ten years knew which plants were anti septic, good for fevers, food etc. They learn exactly what they need to know to succeed in their environment. We need to let our children learn from that way too, I cannot gel with anything mechanical yet my friend, whose father owned a repair garage could rebuild a car at fourteen. That too was my role, I was forced into wood work, metal work and technical drawing classes. My wife recently taught me how to use her sewing machine, for therapy after an accident, and it was an epiphany. Yet my sex prevented me from learning those skills at school and now they don't teach them at all. It is 90% academic, 5% Phys Ed and 5% art, that to me was torture. So at fifty two years of age I have found a craft I can do and enjoy and when a little more proficient at, make money with too. My only other practical skill is with people, I teach swimming, boxing, fitness, ju jitsu and gym training. I was thirty five when I did a professionally administered psychometric test that told me to aim at working with and helping people. I have never looked back. However, my basic personality was there when I was fifteen, why did they not test me and direct me then? I was an underachiever because of boredom and and so directed to work in a factory. I want to stop other people suffering that fate. Not by striving to earn more than their contemporaries, but by being more happy and content than them. I wish you every success and I will contact you if I ever get to pass that way.
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      Jun 2 2013: Ponder..................

      Suggest maybe living in a constant survival state/mode as opposed to a part nanny state populated with a bucket load of bleeding hearts and know all do gooders would give one a different slant on things.

      Just a thought...............Cheers
      • Jun 2 2013: I am not suggesting we live in a survival state, it is the method that the children learn fairly comprehensive and complex information regarding hunting and plants at an early age with no written language, no notes, nothing to refer back too and no tests to see how they are doing each year. If we let children discover their desires and strengths then they will learn how to improve and master them. Teaching me mechanics would be difficult as I have no interest in the subject, but I can teach how to live a healthy lifestyle and motivate others to do the same. Each to their own and the learning is easy.
  • May 30 2013: justice
  • May 29 2013: If corporations are considered people.. Legally speaking, that is..

    Require every single corporation to have a specific and limited life span, somewhere in the vicinity of the average human lifetime. They would not be able to will their assets to corporation v2.0 upon expiration, and would have to find more philanthropic ways. My intent and hope is that this would prevent that terrible accumulation of wealth at the top 1% that is poisoning us all.

    I know this idea would most likely take a vast amount of money to make it happen, especially since all of our politicians are bought and paid for by said corporations. that revolving door in Washington needs to be taken out somehow.
  • May 29 2013: To the starter of this thread, my original answer was judged through the negative lense of someone who doesn't seen able to give the benefit of the doubt. Although I said I could make billions if I had a million, I never implied that was my motivation or objective. What I meant is that I could use the money to deliver a product to help people overcome necessary behavioral modifications or achieve desireable life-style changes that have failed through other means. The mention of how successful that might be is irrelevant because it should be assumed by the NATURE OF THE OP QUESTION that the proceeds would become part of a continuing company that would indeed lead to something that one can judge to either have made a word-changing impact or not. Having it perverted back to me as a "scheme" is offensive. And assuming one's self so superior as to be judge of other's inventions--which by nature--assume that unique insight that take a lot of explanation and illustration can no be conveyed in this short of a venue. I'm quite sure my original post could have been read and probably was read by other people than the one who chose to assume the worst and then demand to be impressed. It is sad that we all can't just ask a question without implying a negative judgment. There is absolutely no reason people whom have endeavored to invent things and/or lead new ways of seeing things should be able to get past the simple beginning of communication without hostile assumptions like the use of the word "scheme" or the assumption that the funds generated would not go into growth of the company to the point where it can be judged a success people are happy someone pioneered where they may even say "I don't know how we got along before without this". I assume I'm not the first or the last person who will experience the moment of conception that makes for successful products people welcome as a solution that delivers.
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      May 29 2013: ROFL...............save us the crocodile tears James.

      You get stuck into Bill Gates for his mosquito net scheme and here/now you cry us a river because I asked you direct to the crux of your scheme questions.

      Suggest if you find questions as being 'a negative judgement' you have major issues to overcome.

      Further suggest your the one making all the assumptions and all I keep asking for is the specifics, just like your stupid assumption that the word 'scheme' is offensive or demeaning of your 'concept/idea' for which you still haven't had the balls to give us any specifics.

      Suggest you look up the noun for the word 'scheme' in the dictionary to get up to speed.

      As for the 'making of the billions'.... I don't recall stating there was anything wrong with making billions.....Do YOU? Do recall me saying "Personally I could use such a scheme! :)"

      And moving on from the rest of your 'poor me' drivel............

      So once again James, for the third and last time...............What exactly does your scheme entail for those billions to be made and what is the methodology you have in mind for people to 'see themselves in a new way'?

  • May 28 2013: Select positive statements only from all religious texts and combine them into one bible for one purely positive religion for all Earthlings.
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      May 29 2013: You mean to tell us not all religious statements are positive?

      Kindly give us some specific examples for us to ponder.
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    May 27 2013: how about an inconvenient truth?

    We are doing well when you take "keep going on as if nothing happens" as target.

    Any project that has some serious feasibility should do.

    1) make peace in northern africa
    2) plant solar in the desert
    3) provide africa and europe with energy
    4) let the profit go to everybody on the planet

    On the other hand, I would like to see AI happen. 1 million in extra research might help
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      May 27 2013: Suggest $1million allocated to a new research will barely cover the start up administration costs. :(
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        May 28 2013: One million into creating automation so workers don't have to work so hard while still paying the employees. Would be the exact business model we use now only the profit would got to the people who actually did the hard work verse shareholders and ceos who don't even know how most of the work is done in their own business.

        Do you think the higher ups at foxconn know how to actually assemble an iphone?
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      May 28 2013: Curious Chris.............
      1) make peace in northern africa.

      Specifically how? The might of America can't do it in Iraq and that is only one of the problems.
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    May 27 2013: This may be a stupid or a simple idea, but I think that nothing is more important than people's lives. By making an invention that could save thousands of lives, or by simply giving it to poor people or charity, I think that it can save many people's lives and lead to changes in our world.
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      May 27 2013: As I said earlier.................pretty much all of the planets problems are due to too many people, not too few!

      And you want to interfere with the 'natural contrition' of the current already extended life cycles further ?

      Suggest you go ponder the problems that has already created for the 1st world health systems.
      • May 27 2013: Well said Blade Runner. I can't think of a problem facing the natural world today that hasn't been brought on by human overpopulation. Sir Ken Robinson in his brilliant (and most viewed TED Talk) "Schools kill creativity" quotes Jonas Salk's famous "if all insects on Earth disappeared, within 50 years all life on Earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth, within 50 years all forms of life would flourish.” And yet many governments still give benefits and tax breaks to large families when exactly the opposite should prevail.
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          May 27 2013: Hi Malcolm......only been on this forum a short span and have noticed IMHO that the bulk of the participants herein live in John Lennon's 'Imagine land'.

          Suggest longevity is overrated.........what is the point or quality of life in reaching 100 if you have spent the last 20 years in a wheel chair or intensive care nursing home?

          Now if they get round to cloning bodies with the ability to do brain data transference then I'll order me one.

          However that would only exasperate the problem of over population.


        • Bob S

          • +1
          May 28 2013: Malcolm, are you sure it's not the excessive consumption of non-renewable resources that is the problem rather than the overall number of people? I do agree that it is not possible for each of the 7 billion people on the planet to consume as much as an average American or European does without the planet going up in smoke though. Something will have to give. Either we need to reduce the number of people, or we need to consume less, or a little bit of both.

          I would start with the reduction in consumption because population reduction could get nasty (as in do we need fewer white people or brown people, Christians or Muslims, etc.)
      • May 29 2013: This is becoming an embedded conversation but I'm also new to the thread so forgive me if I reply to Bob S and Blade Runner at the same time!

        Yup longevity is very much over-rated if we are simply going to be old and creaking for longer! Quantity is no substitue for quality - I'd rather hit the check-out sooner... And Bob S I don't advocate population reduction in the sense of culling the ones we don't want! I do suggest as social animals however that we agree to limit family size and not persist in rewarding those who don't with tax breaks for big families. We are I believe, becoming much smarter in reducing consumption. You'll be hard-pressed to ask societies in emerging economies not to want a fridge, stove, car, television when they are part of the reward for their labour. The biggest problem of all is that the mass migration to cities is separating us for a connection with nature and leading to the false perception that we are something apart.
  • May 23 2013: Educate everybody and destroy ignorance which is the root cause of all other problems.
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    May 23 2013: Start by de-populating the planet via birth control!

    Pretty much most of the planets problems are due to over population!
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      May 23 2013: With an increase in education, birth rates go down.
      Any other means of birth control would be resisted and likely barbaric.
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        May 23 2013: No pain.............No gain!
      • May 23 2013: Stop expanding the food supply, educating women, and availability of birth control. We need all three in order to lower our population.
      • May 24 2013: Though, the birth rate will decrease hugely, it won't be enough and the population will still rise. Health care is so much better so the death rate will also decrease. If you look at pre-industrialisation, the birth rate was very high but the death rate equalled it meaning that the population didn't rise. Sadly, the only way to stop the rise is to do what china is doing even though it is so damaging.
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          May 24 2013: The problem is not a overpopulated planet, but over populated areas.
          Historically there has been three events that has reduced an area’s population: plagues and wars are the two undesirable events, and that leaves mass migrations. For a mass migration you need a unpopulated area to migrated to, and for that we can use the massive amount of world deserts. Via Allan Savory “Holistic management system”, that I refer to in my post above.
          Plus all that floating garbage in the seas needs to be gathered up into a single mass so there could be a massive floating city. That will give us time to develop ways to live on mars and space.
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    Jun 5 2013: Get rid of Facebook. It is a complete waste of time and is one of the leading causes of divorce. How many times can you "like" a photo. Pointless.
  • Jun 4 2013: Invest in cloning Sir Ken Robinson and make him the principal of every school in the world....?
    • Jun 4 2013: Brian, this idea made me laugh out loud, then I became elated at the possibility!!!
      Imagine the world with a multitude of Sir Kens...!!
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    Jun 3 2013: M. K. Gandhi

    Be the change you want to see in the world.
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    Jun 3 2013: G'day Morton

    Make love not war other than that, grow up & stop acting like spoilt brats, become responsible!!

  • Jun 1 2013: On 5/20/2013 I posted a discussion in a TED talk topic "What does your utopia future look like?", in which I had suggested a 3-modes car based on electric charged batteries, solar energy and manual peddling. Let me add a few more details in the design of such a car:
    1. The solar power comes in not only from a direct sunlight, but any relatively bright light under a cloudy sky will serve the purpose. That's why many gadgets such as radio, calculator or wrist watch can all be operated in room light. Therefore the use of solar power in charging of the car batteries in the daylight would be able to contribute a substantial portion of the power in an e-car.
    2. Peddling could serve dual purposes. In an emergency case, an adult can peddle the car to roadside, then disengage the peddles from the driving gear, and peddle charge, this effort will not be any different than you exercise on a pressurized peddle machine in home. This maneuver could be done also in a at-home charge.
    Two car hitch.
    For a family with more than 2 people, we can hitch two such identical cars together (back-to-back). This will double the capacity both in batteries and sun powers. of such car for long trips for the whole family. The mileage between charges will be increased. Suppose the mileage between charges is about 120 miles. With 2 cars hitched together, let's say it will be reduced to 100 miles each. But remember that the exposure to solar charge will be longer in such trips, so I would estimate that it will likely be adjusted to 250 miles based on driving with 2 batteries used in turn. This is similar in stops between charges for a full sized van.
    The cost of such car under mass production should be about $20,000. Moreover, the fuel and maintenance cost will be much less than a conventional car, say, $5000 in 3 years of driving. It is economically justified to own the car(s). How much energy saving and CO2 reduction can be achieved!
    With the seed money, I plan to build a protocol model of it.
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      Jun 2 2013: Bart: The pedaling bit reminds me of when I used to watch the flintstones!
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    May 30 2013: I would initiate a movement of separation of a vehicle's engine and it's operation from a vehicle's function as a housing for passengers.
    By having the engines wirelessly directed to the location of a person's cubicle and by being in communication w/ all other vehicles and a set of traffic controllers time and energy waste would be minimized.
    One could sit on a couch and watch t.v. until your informed you have arrived and just walk out your door and be there.
    They could be used for housing for the homeless and as extra rooms for the housed.
    Later movement could take place utilizing air craft and the streets could be returned to a more natural state.
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    May 28 2013: Check out the first in a series of TED_Ed lessons created for teachers and parents of young children. Give children the right start with letter sounds and lowercase letters and they will show you a world of possibilities in return!

    P.S. I nominated Brenda Erickson for the TED Prize. She is a 70 y/o magical being making sure all children she encounters get the right tools to read.
    She has taught 40 years in the Montessori world.
    I taught 8 years in a Title 1 Public school and hold a master's degree in curriculum and instruction in education.
    Together, we are changing the world of literacy, one child at a time.
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    May 27 2013: I would like to see a world where every person has an easier access to information.

    And by information I don't mean textbooks or an education. What I mean is a structure to understand how our decisions in our daily lives affect everything and everyone.

    For instance, today, the way we choose employment is largely based on herd mentality. Someone posts a job vacancy, puts up a bunch of "skills" necessary for the job. A few hundred respond with padded resumes keyword rich to ensure HR finds them suitable.

    We then sit at a table, have a round and Q&A and bam, you either get a job, or your off looking for the next interview.

    I find this system terribly outdated and broken. We need a better way to measure ourselves and what a job requires. A more comprehensive match between employer and employee and one that scales up so we can spot work that fits us like a glove without getting lost in the maze.

    Imagine a version of LinkedIn that better understands you and helps you meet someone you need instead of you having to search for people with a like mind.

    Something like a search engine to find people that works like "I'm looking for someone who can take charge of creating a new product which does XYZ" and 10 results pop up where the people seem to be just the right guys for the job.
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      May 27 2013: Missing out on jobs lately perchance???? :) :) :)
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        May 28 2013: Blade Runner,

        I saw you come up in some other posts until I read your lengthy reply to someone about how your short questions aren't meant to be antagonistic, but to cut to the chase and talk about what's at the heart of the subject.

        So I'll give you my short answer to your question.

        No, I am not looking for a job, but my current role has me working on a product that is aiming to achieve what I explained in my post.

        We are using data collected by HR at organizations to unravel what exactly does it take for a person to fit into a job, and step by step we want to map this off to a much larger base of people.

        I used Google as an example because their product does a similar thing with websites as its target, we want our product to be an engine to connect people intelligently.

        We are far from perfection, but early stage results have proven to be better than using only human judgment.
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    May 25 2013: A simple paradigm shift away from marketing to what works will change the world of literacy. What works is enabling literacy through letter sounds with lowercase letters using Souns symbols. The same way a child learns and experiences a ball, the child learns and experiences an /m/. Auditory, visual and kinesthetic modalities work together to experience and internalize the meaning of what otherwise will become an abstract symbol in a complex code.


    Brenda Erickson, the developer of Souns for Literacy and I, her apprentice, are out to change the world. The world of literacy is changing, one child at a time...

    in South Africa...

    in Apopka, FL...

    Read more....
    Souns White Paper

    A TED Conversation

    Literacy Intervention

    Souns is priceless and $1,000,000 will enable global literacy. I guess I should fill out the nomination!
  • May 25 2013: Lol,I would like to build kindergartens free for all children as many as I can,employ high qualitied teachers to work for children.
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    May 25 2013: How about we get rid of money and head of states all together?

    How about we replace them with the simplest common sense logic that any modern 5 year old would agree to? Oh I dont know, maybe instead of the monetary economic system we scientifically survey the earth's human and raw resources and then utilize them in the MOST logically efficient and humane way possible? How about we use the survey data to govern our society instead of a bunch of people who has no scientific background, expertise or any idea of how to efficiently manage these resources?

    Am I living in the matrix or something? There is no way this world is real, how can humans, with all their combined intelligence and scientific achievement, failed to grasp the simplest BASIC concept of efficient living? Human modern socio-economic-political systems are a joke.
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      May 27 2013: ah, this is right up my alley. I figure if it not important to a 5 year old, ought it be that to us? The vertical climb into the ivory towers, and now the glass clad steel sky scrapers in which to keep track of every transaction . . some one dreams up some and no one stops to check what we are losing in the proCess. All of creation works from within. We cannot serve the common good at the cost of an individual. We cannot defend ourselves without becoming offensive to others. Money we created to con us into working for a living. and now that machine do so much of the work, or. . to put it in ski resort terms. . it costs like hell to climb a mountain. Down hill on the other hand, is a swish swish swoosh swoosh free be and play if, for all we are worth. I truly believe that money will fall away easy as the autumn leaves the bare naked ladies of the wood stand through all the winTry days, with their fresh buds to spring upon us soon as the weather warms. .
      To me money is a show of how a virus works. the grip it can have on us. why can we not share as nature does, it a continuous show of playfulness and abundance. . time to do the CanCan
  • May 24 2013: Using the Human Assistive Limb Exoskeleton by CYBERDYNE.INC I would live to develop a suit that allows for search and rescue by mirroring the actions from the sender Human Assistive Limb Exoskeleton suit (that is positioned on someone) to the one inside the designed ''skin'' for the situation, for example, say there is a fire. The fire service simply activates the suit in the inflammable ''skin'' (as the skins are interchangeable they could chose from multiple suits) and then suit up an experienced suit pilot in the sender suit. He directs the suit via remote control and sees what it sees on multiple screens (now that I think of it, quite like Pacific Rim but without being in the robots head). The Robot copies the movements and, hey presto, the fire is out or the child is saved, but the Human Assistive Limb Exoskeleton has already demonstrated the capability to record and repeat human motions, so this would just take away the memory essence of that and focus more on the command it would receive. The possibilities are endless as these suits could work on maintenance, be in the armed forces or even exploration and law enforcement. Another upside is that, once it is perfected, an AI could be housed inside the Robots and would and could learn to complete tasks, taking away the need for the remote control and creating a function for the AI to work on and learn about.
  • May 23 2013: Require all members of the United Nations to donate an amount equal to what they spend annually on military budgets to a worldwide relief fund. Relief fund to be administered publically, on the web, with 100% clarity and accountability of how all funds are spent. Goal of the fund will be to foster health and education worldwide on an as needed basis. Member states that do not donate the required funds will be restricted from bidding on projects created by the process in the proportion that they miss target donation amount by. If you miss your donation requirement by 50%, you can not bid 50% of the time. Which 50% of the bids you are ineligible for would be determined on a random basis to prevent member states from ignoring bidding opportunities they do not care about, and saving their bids for only those projects of interest.
  • May 23 2013: Something I have already designed.

    The ability to score any business, entity or institution, based on how empathetical they treat you as a customer.

    Free scoring software for mobile devices and results uploaded to a dedicated website so when you are out shopping for that new sofa you look at the website and, using your location, the site serves you the most empathetic sofa shop...

    The impact on both businesses and society would be?
    • May 24 2013: David, I really like the idea of encouraging empathy in any way possible.
      I'm curious, how would the empathy score be calculated? Would it be on a scale of 1-10, for example, or based on a series of open-ended or multiple choice questions?
      • May 24 2013: Lizanne. If I told you that you'd know as much as I do! ;-)

        Suffice to say, it is actually a very simple system with clear unambiguous questions. For this application is has to be unambiguous, simple to understand and speedy to execute otherwise you'd not get people's buy in and participation.
        • May 24 2013: I agree. I can imagine, taking into consideration the attention span of the average 15-30 year old, the quicker and easier it is to fill in and submit, the better!

          Do you know anyone in marketing? Have you thought of doing a survey or a questionnaire in a shopping mall or street, to test out some possible questions? We've all learned on eBay, that a good recommendation can make or break a sale - I think you're on to a great idea here.
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    May 23 2013: Make all schools teach a class on business. A class on how the core subjects relate to the current today.