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Empathy vs Apathy - Replacing the 'A' with 'Em'

I've always believed that a persons outlook on life and people around him/her is based on 2 key elements- Nature and Nurture? Do you agree, are there any other key elements?

Nurture - from the perspective of experiencing as many different scenarios as possible, being self-aware, happy to take feedback, learn and venture out into new unknown areas. Its all about knowing the unknown and sharing the known. When this happens it gives us the power to think about possibilities, benefit of doubt etc instead of quickly moving to judgements.

Nature - is what Rebecca talked about. I'd like to add one point here though, just like our body where we tone it by having the right intake and exercise, I believe the same can happen to our mind - say mind gym - get the right intake(experiences) and exercise it by exploring the unknown.

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    May 23 2013: I am not certain of what sort of feedback you seek, Ramesh, but exercising your brain through experiences and exploring the unknown are widely accepted neurological components of learning. So what you believe is also what neuroscience says and has said for some time.
    • May 23 2013: Thanks Fritzie, for your comments.

      I'm looking for others views on whether Nature and Nurture are the only key elements or are there any other. One more element I thought about is society - sometimes in few areas people tend to think that if they dont come across being strong others would take them for a ride and showing empathy will be seen as being week. Of course this doesnt mean that these members dont have empathy within them, its just that their actions dont display them, also these members in the society dont advocate against empathy, they advocate being strong and in general some people conclude that having empathy will lead to being weak.

      This is just an example, I'm trying to uncover more such examples or reasons, it could also be related to corporate empathy/apathy towards a customer.
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        May 23 2013: I have always interpreted Nature and Nurture as Genetics and Environment. Your social factors, then, are part of nurture. Nurture is not only parenting.