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How do you picture a car-free street? What is your vision for it?

A car-free street is more of an environmentally friendly street, which gives primary importance to pedestrians, cyclists, etc., thus dealing with pollution and encouraging a healthy way of livelihood.
It may be a street with an avenue of trees, or may be a food street, a market street! How you hold its vision is totally up to you.
Shed some light on this topic and spread your views and thoughts to help build a better world!

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    May 29 2013: Why would anyone want to live on a car-free street? People work hard to buy and own cars. Cars are a status symbol. They show the world how successful you are. Why would anyone envision a car free street? Pollution free, yes! Car free? No!

    - I am walking with a friend of mine and witnessing hundreds of Sign Boards sayings like; "Luxury is prohibited in this locality, a person found violating the law will be charged a fortune" ..

    - Police mobiles announcing time and again this statement : "Accept equality by your conscience or it will be forced" ..

    - And all the population of world has gotten flabby and this obesity is declared main contribution of moto-vehicles. :) ...

    Personally, I do like this Idea, which is very nice but equally unrealistic. Even I will prefer a car then kicking bicycle under the frying sun. :)
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    May 23 2013: Effective mass transit system.

    Self sufficient small socities where you will earn your living nearby only.
    • May 23 2013: Totally agree with you! Many metropolitan cities which have developing IT Parks have come up with such an idea which provides housing societies for its employees; comprising of malls, entertainment facilities, gaming zones, restaurants, offices..etc; which helps in socializing and contributes to the betterment of environment!
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    • May 23 2013: Well the past has always been inspiring for the future! Taking lessons from the past, refining them and executing them has always led to the betterment of mankind.
      The example u mentioned from Turkey reminds me of the ancient settlement of Catal-ho-yuk, they had no streets between the houses. All the houses were put together like the cells in the beehive and the only way to pass through the settlement was from the each house used a ladder to climb up the terrace.
      This design was planned out more for safety purposes in case of attacks by nomadic tribes. But it seems to work for developing healthy public relations !
      The link below gives you a clearer picture of what I am talking about.
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    May 22 2013: Does it have to allow cyclists? Why not just pedestrians, what's wrong with walking?
    • May 23 2013: It is not compulsory to allow cyclists. And there is nothing wrong with walking, but, cycling is a good exercise and is much beneficial than walking. It Burns more calories than walking!
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        May 23 2013: Well, but it's not aesthetically too great, aren't bicycles kind of ugly, all steel and rubber plus you have to worry about a cyclist running into you. That steel and rubber smells bad, too, doesn't it?
        • May 23 2013: haha..its kinda funny to say bicycles are ugly...i think they are stylish enough! and a cyclist running into you is anytime better than a car any other vehicle doing the same thing!!!

          and i guess aesthetics should be given secondary importance..
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    • May 23 2013: The idea of having a terrace parking lot away from homes is quite interesting and worth pondering upon..its helps reduce the traffic problems, environmental problems and adopting it (may be with some modifications) would encourage a healthy way of living among people. Architecture molds people and their way of living ..i would definitely give a thought to this idea!
      Here in India, middle class families comprise of most of the population using public transport. Public transport is less expensive and yes it again helps in socializing.
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    May 22 2013: If it was up to me, I'd ride motorcycle to work, friends place, food store and just casual riding all the way. But since its not really just me who's riding and sometimes either there are more passengers, and then you have to worry about their safety and if your motorcycle or cycle or yourself cannot carry all the things you need to from place to this point you have to rely on a bigger vehicle to meet your needs.
    I'd rather phrase your question so that, there are more environmentally friendly cars (either completely battery powered or high efficient hybrids).
    But yea, honestly from my perspective I wouldn't have a car-free street, I would rather prefer an environmentally friendly transportation vehicles. =)
    • May 23 2013: As in case of many passengers travelling with you, you may use public transportation for that. Environment friendly vehicles do make sense for improving the quality of your surroundings, but i don't think there would be a better alternative than cycles which keeps you healthy and at the same time takes care of the environment.
      And I am not stressing on using cycles to travel every time and everywhere, but using it more often and whenever or wherever it is possible to do so, would be beneficial.
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        May 23 2013: Good point...and agreed =)