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How can we bring about such a change which inculcates creativity and innovation when we are tasked with changing mindsets of Millions?

The above question is with respect to the education culture of countries like India,where a change in the system is only possible when the mindset of a million people changes,which is followed by promoting a system which does away with the Old Dream of Engineers and Doctors,increasing competition.Then there is the problem of changing the way teachers impart knowledge(this is changing in where International Schools become available but they are not available to everyone due to high costs).A high number of teachers in the conventional education system teach with the objective of reproducing known facts in the paper and disguise these efforts under the sugar coated version of application based question,they teach their respective science and math oriented subjects often frowning upon other artistic and musical interest, to churn out more doctors and engineers out of the system and once this cycle ends there are the tuition centres which nullify the schools' efforts to impart knowledge and provide the students with their own,often through rigorous testing procedures.This often comes back to the sole aim of getting ahead in the rat race.Even the Central Education System continuously brings out changes which are tested on a specific batch of students who are graded and examined in a secretive manner,where the results and marking procedures are not aptly revealed.The entire vicious cycle compromises on a skill base of millions of students and in the end harms the nation's productivity.


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  • May 25 2013: Great words by Ken and as mentioned by most of you, this change will take its time but media and tech can help. What can we do to expedite this change. For one, we as parents (the other half of educationists) can build this in kids amap. The rest is left to our leaders and the education systems. India for one, will take more time than others.

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