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It is a fact TED is a unprecedented success. How do you think it differs from other inspirational and original talks available online?

Hello global community :) At the moment i'm doing a dissertation for my MA. in social entrepreneurship. I am curious to know the underneath (sometimes subconscious reasons) why the individuals are so passionate about TED and what does it triggers in their lifes. Innovation? Reinforcement of personal talents? Creativity? awareness? a more personalized type of education revolution? A craving for authenticity and establishment of relationships? Empathy? A reconnection with millenary way of inspiring by story telling? Is TED playing a "digital parenting" role for individuals, especially for the young generation? Is it a tool for reforming education?

As you may see, there are so many questions! Please feel free to just pop intutitive ideas, feelings and visions ... They will all serve for my analysis.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

Thank you very much,



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    May 28 2013: Hi Melina, thankyou for your query. I too am relatively new to this whole TED experience, tho feel that it provides an intellectual output for it's participants. There are enough options to engage people and when there aren't they have the option of asking their own query/idea/debate. In this way all the bases are covered.
    I have been on the internet for a long time since the 90's when it sort of was mainsream (compared to when first started in the 60's). The TED Community was the first one that I found that was set up to harness intellect and stimulated conversation. It seems to have such a broad range of topics and provides such a positive medium to explore either via watching talks or participating in a myriad of topics. I for one intend to be a regular participant. :D
    • May 28 2013: Hi ! thank you for answering :) DO you think Ted Talks would impact in more or less the same way if they would be only heard? Such as podcasting the events.. Do you think VIDEO as a ‘medium’ is playing a key role in the way to impact the community? Especially in this “distracted society”?

      Thank you,

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        May 28 2013: You might want to look into the TED Radio Hour: http://blog.ted.com/2012/12/14/ted-radio-hour-named-the-best-new-audio-podcast-of-2012/ to get insight into the audio version.

        Talks would logically be planned differently for a video presentation than for a podcast. I have sometimes listened to talks without watching and have found that I missed a great deal that way, because speakers typically have a vital visual component to their presentations. Beyond this, many if not most people are drawn more effectively to material delivered by a speaking person than to his voice or words on paper. This is not only because we learn best by experiencing material conveyed in multiple ways but also because there are tangible brain-chemical effects of eyes seeming to meet.

        Obviously, there is a time and a place when video is impractical and audio or text are highly practical.
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        May 30 2013: Fritzie pretty much stole my thunder and beat me to the punch here. Essentially it comes down to time and circumstance. The ideal is to see and hear, as statistically (from memory, some 80% of communication is non verbal).
        Though if you are driving in your car, then being able to hear the TED podcasts is a good option. I in fact did it just the other night and really enjoyed the experience because I learned some really good stuff. It had to do with the Not For Profit charity groups and was inspirational.
        In this respect, I wish it was more available.Following from this thought process, it is not too much of a stretch to see or visualise a demand for tv/internet TED Channel views as an option for people to watch on their TV's when they get home from work as one of their what do I want to watch on TV now...
        Mark my words here... I told you so !!!!!
        What did you expect, I'm the Time traveller' :D
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          May 30 2013: I do not take cable television, but whatever it is I do take has a TED Channel. I have not tried it, as I listen to talks on my computer.

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