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It is a fact TED is a unprecedented success. How do you think it differs from other inspirational and original talks available online?

Hello global community :) At the moment i'm doing a dissertation for my MA. in social entrepreneurship. I am curious to know the underneath (sometimes subconscious reasons) why the individuals are so passionate about TED and what does it triggers in their lifes. Innovation? Reinforcement of personal talents? Creativity? awareness? a more personalized type of education revolution? A craving for authenticity and establishment of relationships? Empathy? A reconnection with millenary way of inspiring by story telling? Is TED playing a "digital parenting" role for individuals, especially for the young generation? Is it a tool for reforming education?

As you may see, there are so many questions! Please feel free to just pop intutitive ideas, feelings and visions ... They will all serve for my analysis.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

Thank you very much,



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  • May 25 2013: I think an unprecedented success from TED is because it'sgoal and duty to recruite all kinds of people join in equally to discuss all topics to build a happier,better world around us.
    • May 25 2013: It is a fact that the curators of TED contribute with a lot of its success! Its just amazing how some talks can just make you feel so human. I believe we need to feel “human”. We need inspiration and mentors of life.. Thank you for your opinion.. All of our thoughts are helping me to build this dissertation. :)

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