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It is a fact TED is a unprecedented success. How do you think it differs from other inspirational and original talks available online?

Hello global community :) At the moment i'm doing a dissertation for my MA. in social entrepreneurship. I am curious to know the underneath (sometimes subconscious reasons) why the individuals are so passionate about TED and what does it triggers in their lifes. Innovation? Reinforcement of personal talents? Creativity? awareness? a more personalized type of education revolution? A craving for authenticity and establishment of relationships? Empathy? A reconnection with millenary way of inspiring by story telling? Is TED playing a "digital parenting" role for individuals, especially for the young generation? Is it a tool for reforming education?

As you may see, there are so many questions! Please feel free to just pop intutitive ideas, feelings and visions ... They will all serve for my analysis.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

Thank you very much,



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    May 25 2013: MGL, The TED community has 187,634 members ... many of TED talks and conversations are are results of assocoated links like You Tube. If you watch the Recent Commenters cube you will notice that the same 20 to 30 faces show up very often thus making the 10.5 million views spoke of earlier hard to achieve.

    TED talks, by design, are to engage. Look at the topics available ... to not have a interest in any of them is almost impossable.

    So here is my theory: TED Conversations allows you to be validated by and through others. We all seek validation, acceptance, and appreciation ... TED conversations allow that through feedback automatically. Regardless of your level of expertise you are now a player ... in a major game.

    Good luck on your dissertation. I wish you well. Bob.
    • May 25 2013: Its true Robert. Recognition its very important, especially for the youngsters. I am trying to understand this phenomenon from almost an “anthropological” perspective. I believe that we are craving for leaders, inspiration and mentors. TED is a great platform which offers this.About the validation… X factor is also a type of platform where “talents” are validated… But TED…. The stories and magic behind each speaker…Its as if the OLD culture of story- telling would be revived in a digital way. I am amazed by this phenomenon and the potential it has to change the lives of people.
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        May 25 2013: MGL, It is easier to address an issue on a known ... as your location is an unknown ... I will use the USA as a example. As you say we crave leadership. Whom do you consider the last real leader ... not politician ... leader. We have had no statesmen and the US suffers from a lack of diplomatic leadership .. we are a failed diplomatic nation. We have been and are being dumbed down. We are on the very verge of a recession and a repression and yet the media and a uncaring socialist inspired public are still loyal to the very people who have led us to this brink of disaster.

        We seek escape through movie, stories, TV, and the rich and famous. As all fairy tales must end so shall the people have to face the realities of the day. Where do you suggest that they turn to recieve true leadership and succor.

        We fail to learn from either the stories or from history ... on TED I have seen "arguments" on issues that should have brought us together ... we continue to argue ... not debate or discuss with open minds. In the USA, IMO, we are more divided today that I have observed in my 70 years and living in the least transparent society ever. TED does at least offer what is lacking in other communications a opportunity to express and face fears, hopes, and dreams.

        I wish you well. Thanks for the reply. Bob.

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